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  1. Ronnin1978

    PC 15/11/2019 - 50% @ Hungary

    any free car pls
  2. Ronnin1978

    PC Round 11 - German Grand Prix [10/11/2019 08:00pm]

    @Hinyaldee Unfortunately I will not be able to race for the next few weekends . The reason is "Fanatec" I had to sent my racing wheel in Germany for repair. :cry: the right shifter paddle did not felt like the left one ( I mean no positive click "snapdome effect"). In games is not possible to...
  3. Ronnin1978

    PC Round 10 - British Grand Prix [20/10/2019 08:00pm]

    DRS malfunction with only 2 laps before the finish, and a little mistake cost me a podium here A very intensive race overall
  4. Ronnin1978

    PC Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [13/10/2019 08:00pm]

    I was fallowing @HulkBobby until first pit stop. Shame because I forget to change back to inter tires (my strategy was set to medium tires). Also I had a short battle with @H_pro1. Congratulations to @Hinyaldee for the first win.
  5. Ronnin1978

    PC Closing the door in the corner dangerously

    I have to use my own video, because @HulkBobby don't have one. As you can see on lap 8 @14:39 I've overtaken @HulkBobby on the right side, I was in front of him (not side by side) in that corner and from my point of view I had the correct racing line.
  6. Ronnin1978

    PC Round 8 - French Grand Prix [06/10/2019 08:00pm]

    what the **** do you see so wrong at 14:39??? I had the racind line, I was in front of you. Try to control your vocabulary. for sure your racing line is not the best way to take that corner. Please forward to the stuards if you want more from this. I wil not comment nothing else here. Thank you.
  7. Ronnin1978

    PC [04/10 20:00 UK] FRANCE 50%

    redbull, roro rosso
  8. Ronnin1978

    PC Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix [29/09/2019 08:00pm]

    don't worry mate, was just a race incident.. no car damage :) the show must go on ;)
  9. Ronnin1978

    PC Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix [29/09/2019 08:00pm]

    don't worry mate, your pace was far better than mine, because of that I did not to much to resist of your attack. Congratulations for the podium and for 2 pit stop strategy
  10. Ronnin1978

    PC Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix [29/09/2019 08:00pm]

    P3 from P11 in Q is not so bad :) Was a nice intensive race. surprising I had a god pace with both medium and hard tires. I thing better strategy here was with 2 pit stop. I had a little push (race incident) from @Hinyaldee on first lap that cost me some position, but I was able to recover...
  11. Ronnin1978

    PC [27/09 20:00 UK] Canada 50%

    @Steve Jackson Ferrari, RedBull, Toro Rosso
  12. Ronnin1978

    PC PC F11 - Round 6 Monaco - Collision broke front wing

    Below you can find a view from my side regarding this incident. One mention @Hinyaldee, before to use the word "on purpose" please just wait the evidence from both sides. From my point of view you didn't let me any space. was not on purpose, you exit from pit with cold tires, I was faster than...
  13. Ronnin1978

    PC 13/9/2019 - 50% @ Monaco

    Any free car
  14. Ronnin1978

    PC Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [08/09/2019 08:00pm]

    PS: You should try to change car settings or to go for 2 pit stop strategy. your left front tyre was @ more than 80% on last lap I think
  15. Ronnin1978

    PC Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [08/09/2019 08:00pm]

    nice battle with @Illicit and @VictorWasa
  16. Ronnin1978

    PC Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [08/09/2019 08:00pm]

    what a race...:) mama mia ragazzi :) I will post the race replay later after YouTube will finish processing the video
  17. Ronnin1978

    PC 6/9/2019 - 50% @ Spain

    Ferrari; ToroRosso or any free car