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  1. Black Scorpion

    Buttkicker/Basshaker full chassis setup, cheap!!!

    CRAZY STUFF I TELL YA!!!! :D EDITED: added the final video on how to... Well, to avoid throwing too much money in one row, I've had ordered one amp & 2 shakers... they arrived last week! I had to buy the SimXperience software also (86$ ~72€). I've temporary mounted both shakers on the back...
  2. Black Scorpion

    last season ongoing for me....

    Hello racers :) So far I had great fun racing with all of you! I loved the last GT3 season, the VLN & other community events, and have to finish the Ginette40 season up to the end, which will be surely a great fight season. Yesternight I stumbled over Raceroom, an older production.... but...
  3. Black Scorpion

    GT3 Semi-Pro - Laguna Seca - Crash between Black Scorpion and Corne

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Semi-Pro League Coordinator: @Marvin Date: 6/12-17 Members Involved: @Black Scorpion @Corne Description: Maybe my very first ENQUIRY? Hey guys, was fun, just the 2nd lap just after start was a COMPLETE MESS!!!! Who was ingame in the Audi Orange/blue number 63? The 3...
  4. Black Scorpion

    PC AOR GT3 Semi-Pro - R4: Brands Hatch 29/11/2017 @8P... WTF???

    Hey guys :-) I feel like an alien tonight, and sooooo unlucky with the big damn f* PC crashed at lap 37/40 !!! The first 20-25 laps where really hard to fight through, coming from place 17 in qualy! I had some very VERY nice fights up to lap 20 with @TomoShiro over at least 5-6 laps in a row...
  5. Black Scorpion

    PC Little, very little race extract into vid play around

    A very short little playaround video from our semi-pro race last night... was happy I could outbrake somebody after being behind him a few laps... That's how I love it... studying the guy in front, and learn to find the breach ^^ once the maneuver is 'secure' to operate, let's apply...
  6. Black Scorpion

    PC WTH!? I love such things happen on races!

    This time, 3rd Semi pro race... the game seriously needs to get repaired!!! :-) :)-
  7. Black Scorpion

    Any apps for PC2 yet? LIke telemetry analyser after race?

    All in the title :) Just raced 36 laps on a track and wanted to check out my consistency... and the video replay is just... holy boly unusable for anything! :( tia :) cheeeeers
  8. Black Scorpion

    The NürburgRing thread, CLK-LM only

    Hey guys :-) I thought we could add some AOR pilots to the official roster under the steam wmdportal! Let's try to fill the first 10 places with just pilots from AOR :-) I still have to go some seconds, but managed so far to get the position 22... how bout you?! ON YOUR WHEELS!!!! Next...
  9. Black Scorpion

    Help, searching thrustmaster t3pa pro measures!!!

    Hey there :-) Got to upgrade my cockpit... Fanatec would be best, but for now I'm heading for the T3PA PRO pedals! Now, does anyone has the measures of the 2 possible base mounts??? I need it before I start building a cockpit out of metal this time, no more wood.... tia :-)
  10. Black Scorpion

    Ever asked you what hardware-Joystick to use Heli-sims??

    As I've asked that question myself over time, I had to experiment and more... to finally share my thoughts with gamers like me... check out the vid (in german & english, just in case of :) ) Cheers
  11. Black Scorpion

    New, Belgian here, rdy to race :-)

    Hello everyone! I'm over 40 and from Belgium! Speaking EN/DE/FR it will be easy to communicate... well, I hope so :-) Hope to hop into nice races, as online racing without the same people ends most over the time at first corner! So when I do online races, I try to start last and let mother...