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  1. Marko Krizman

    PS4 Ps4 F3

    Involved: Iamotti and MarcoKrizman After the safety car i go to overtake on fresh tyres (iamotti). He brakes much to late, has old hard tyres and pushed me out of the race. I respect Iamotti for his Driver talent, but in some Situations he has to be carefuly.. Video: Stream on minute (1h 07...
  2. Marko Krizman

    PS4 Changing direction on braking

    ok ;)
  3. Marko Krizman

    PS4 Changing direction on braking

    i moved to the right side before i brake, i think i leave you enogh space on the right side. I'm sure it's not funny if you lose your Frontwing in Lap 1, sorry for this, but i think you have to wait for the overtake and be care in this moment.
  4. Marko Krizman

    PS4 Incident lap 29 Austria GP AOR F3

    From my view: At this Point i have a much younger Soft's tyres (yoan-medium), my overtake was clean i mean and at this corner i brake normaly for the apex. I think yoan brake bit to late. Something like this happend all the time, sadly for your Race Yoan, would be interesting at the end.
  5. Marko Krizman

    PS4 Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix - [29/09/19 8PM UK]

    Guys i have to apologise for tonights Race, i have to stay longer urgently on my Work :( sorry and have fun
  6. Marko Krizman

    PS4 AOR S18 PS4 F3 League - Car And Number Selection Thread

    Scuderia Ferrari Red Bull Racing Mercedes AMG Mclaren Renault Renault F1 No. 2, 4, 14, 29, 89
  7. Marko Krizman

    PS4 AOR S18 PS4 F3 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    My Name is Marko Krizman, 29 yo from Slovenia. I was part of F2 Saison 16 on PC ane i use a Logitech G29 :) I want to improve my pace during the Saison and have some nice fights :)
  8. Marko Krizman

    PC AOR F1 2019 Leagues - Discussion Thread - Season 18

    @Fehler3 I just want to apologise, but i can't drive the Evaluations Races i'm on Holidays betwen 26.7. and 5.8.19. I'm at Hungary (Formula 1 Hungaroring). But i set all my Hotlap Times. I was part of Season 16 at Division 2 (PC). Maybe some alternate options?
  9. Marko Krizman

    PS4 Main AOR PS4 F1 2019 Leagues - Season 18 - Main Evaluation Race #2 - Saturday 27th July 8PM

    Sign me up for this one please. PSN: MarcoKrizman ignore me please, i'm not at home @Fehler3
  10. Marko Krizman

    PS4 Main AOR PS4 F1 2019 Leagues - Main Evaluation Race Thread - Season 18

    I want to Race at Friday (27.7.) on PS4 evaluations Race if is possible :)
  11. Marko Krizman

    PS4 Main AOR PS4 F1 2019 Leagues - Main Sign Up Thread - Season 18

    Gamertag: MarcoKrizman ● Nationality: Slovenian ● Assists used: None ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Do you accept that if you are fast enough to be placed in one of the top leagues you will have to race with no assists? Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole season...
  12. Marko Krizman

    PC Round 21 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [24/03/19 8:00pm UK]

    I haave to apologise tonight to. I will be late from Work.. :( i wish you all a nice last Race in this Season guys!
  13. Marko Krizman

    PC Round 20 - Brazilian Grand Prix [17/03/19 8:00pm UK]

    Hy! I have over 39 C Bodytemp, realy sick, i'l try to recover, but i think i have to apologize for this Race today.
  14. Marko Krizman

    Team Forming Thread

    i found my team, yesterday, thank you :)
  15. Marko Krizman

    Team Forming Thread

    interested? :) contact me on fb
  16. Marko Krizman

    Team Forming Thread

    I search for a Team to. My platform is PC. Im F2 Driver, Contact me here or facebook:
  17. Marko Krizman

    PC F2 Squeezed in the wall then got spun out

    i do not recorded to :/ yeh.. it was tight in both Situations
  18. Marko Krizman

    PC Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [11/11/18 8:00pm UK]

    First of all u have a lot of space and you drive in my back 3x in first lap! You have to be carefoul in lap 1 man. It's not funny, you have to keep the distance, and the car ahead of me braking to early.