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  1. Daniel Nesterowicz

    PC S12 Tier 1 -Round 3 Long beach

    Platform PC - League AOR S12 League Coordinator: @dakuza Date:20/2 Members Involved: @Jarmo @Daniel Nesterowicz Description: Driver p23 Jarmo - losses control / hits wall then hits nesterowicz + other Driver p21 RSe Nesterowicz - is hit on right rear corner Evidence: my stream chase cam...
  2. Daniel Nesterowicz

    PC GT3 - Elite League Incidents Round 2 - Dubai

    Platform + League: PC- GT3 - Elite League League Coordinator: @VSR Iceberg Date: 07 03 2018 Members Involved: @ZAL + @5Aces.Nesterowicz Description: Lap 8 or 9.. Zal takes a wide and i take a narrow line into hairpin. I have a bad exit he hits me hard - that can happen... but he choose not to...
  3. Daniel Nesterowicz

    PC AOR GT3 Elite Round 10

    Platform + League: Pc Elite Gt3 League Coordinator: @FisiFan91 & @Yorkie065 Date: 25/05/2016 Members Involved: 5Aces.Nesterowicz (RUF) & Mazy_cz Description: i was P5. going down long straight top speed. Mazy is very close due to better exit earlier. i BRAKE - he hits my left rear. i...