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  1. Meks Unseen

    XB1 Lap car pushing me off track costing me positions

    Platform + League: xb1 f6 League Coordinator: @TruckGameBernie @Chris Leather Date: 5/5/19 Members Involved: @RT93 Aesaerth Description: he came out of the pits on fresh ultra sifts after I had lapped him and he wasn’t able to pull away from me so instead of letting me through and letting me go...
  2. Meks Unseen

    XB1 Movement under braking

    Platform + League: XB1 F6 League Coordinator: @TruckGameBernie @Chris Leather Date: 28/4/19 Members Involved: @George Roke Description: I was gaining quickly down the straight and he had moved to the inside, towards the braking zone I moved back on the racing line and he moved to the middle, if...
  3. Meks Unseen

    XB1 XB1 F6 race start crash

    Platform + League: XB1 League Coordinator: @TruckGameBernie @Chris Leather Date: 14/04/19 Members Involved: B4RRY 23 (don’t know his @) @yannicnemeth Description: As the lights went out for the start of the race everyone went apart from Barry who was either AFK or not paying attention as he...
  4. Meks Unseen

    XB1 F8 turned into and sent into a wall ending my race

    Platform + League: xb1 f8 League Coordinator: @TruckGameBernie Date: 14/10/18 Members Involved: @papi de la fin (don’t know what his @ is) Description: Coming to the end of the first lap there was a group of cars in front of me and I saw an incident that had happened so I tried encoring it...
  5. Meks Unseen

    XB1 Multiple incidents with the same new driver in f7

    Platform + League: Xbox one, f7 League Coordinator: @Joseph Baigent Date: 10/12/17 Members Involved: @pejths Description: In quali he decided to park his car on the apex at the beginning of the fast double left handed costing me my only chance at qualifying and causing me to start at the back...
  6. Meks Unseen

    XB1 Lap car lagging dangerously

    Platform + League: Xbox one f7 League Coordinator: @Joseph Baigent Date: 5/11/17 Members Involved: @ValiFusilli Description: me and third we’re coming to lap him and he was lagging all over the place and I was worried he would lag into one of us and cause us damage or cause us to retire Evidence:
  7. Meks Unseen

    XB1 Lap car causing damage

    Platform + League: Xbox 1 f7 League Coordinator: @Joseph Baigent Date: 5/11/17 Members Involved: @ValiFusilli Description: I was being cautious because it had started raining and I was on my in lap to pit for inters and he decided to unlap himself, spin and lose me my front wing, this caused...
  8. Meks Unseen

    XB1 F7 Lap car ignoring blue flags

    Platform + League: Xbox one, F7 League Coordinator: @Joseph Baigent Date: 8/10/17 Members Involved: @Directintelect Description: Myself and 5th place were trying to get past this lap car ASAP but he wasn’t moving out of the way causing me to potentially dive bomb just to get past him as I...
  9. Meks Unseen

    XB1 Mid race Incidient USA

    Platform + League: xbox one assist tier 2 League Coordinator: @Jamie_183 Date:6/8/17 Members Involved: @TruckGameBernie Description: Side by side for a while and then he turns in on me going into the s' in sector one Evidence:
  10. Meks Unseen

    XB1 Lap 20 incident

    Platform + League: Xbox one assist tier 1 League Coordinator: @Jamie_183 Date: 9/6/17 Members Involved: Meks Unseen shemileheskey Description: Lap 20 we were side by side at the end of the first drs straight and there was contact which sent me into the wall causing me to lose my front wing and...
  11. Meks Unseen

    XB1 Lap 1 incident

    Platform + League: Xbox 1 assist tier 1 League Coordinator: @Jamie_183 Date: 9/6/17 Members Involved: Meks Unseen @Amazed oT Description: On lap 1 I feel amazed dive bombed/ took the corner too quickly causing contact between us resulting in a front left puncture for me Evidence: