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  1. tRIP..

    PC GT3 Tier 2 - Domino effect, possible brake check?

    Platform + League: PC, Tier 2 League Coordinator: @Marvin Date: 27th Feb 2019 Members Involved: @Mattster @inkychris Description: Last corner of lap 2 (first racing lap), Inky appears to get alongside Mattster but backs out as Mattster is cutting across to take a tighter line at the apex...
  2. tRIP..

    PC PC - GT3 Tier 3 Incident

    Platform + League: PC GT3 League Coordinator: @Argon Date: 01/08/18 Members Involved: @tRIP.. @Migzorn Description: Lap 9, I was side-by-side with Migzorn through the sector 2 chicane. Uphill out of the chicane toward the back straight, Migzorn moved over on me and I had nowhere to go and we...