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  1. Hewins

    At least during the off week during the F1 season we had the CoD beta :)

    Closet Fragger CoD Edition :cool:
  2. Hewins

    Resolved Username change please!

    Used Zwomp for years on FPS games but it's time to put it down. Please change it to "Hewins".
  3. Hewins

    PC Poor care taken off the grid in the wet

    PC: F12018 NA League League Coordinator: @IntergalacticGentleman Date: December 9, 2018 Members Involved: @Zwomp @Kane Jr @Spyder Description: Appears the Force India took poor care overtaking off the grid on an unsettled car in the wet, turned in hitting the Ferrari which caused the Ferrari...
  4. Hewins

    Would anyone be interested in a modern DTM league on Raceroom/rfacto2/Assetto Corsa?

    Just curious if that would interest anyone because I'd love to race in a DTM league and see if we could get it added onto AOR. Raceroom has the official package but the two mods on rfactor2 and Assetto Corsa are quite good for DTM.