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  1. Sonuc T Saltunc

    XB1 Kowalsky not knowing how to race

    Platform + League: Xbox Esports Tournament League Coordinator: @BosslyGaming Date: 07/05/2019 Members Involved: @Kowalsky11 right so last night I was racing against @Kowalsky11 and did a fair move on him but he decided to comeback by completely smashing me off track which cost me positions...
  2. Sonuc T Saltunc

    XB1 S14 Spain - Warning/Penalty Removal request.

    Platform + League: XB1 F1 League Coordinator: @Jamie183 Date: 14/11/2017 Members Involved: Me Description: I feel I have received a warning that was harsh, and ended up in a time penalty, more description below. Evidence: Start of the video ^ As seen here, my right tyre looks to still...
  3. Sonuc T Saltunc

    XB1 2 Warnings + Penalty removal request

    Platform + League: XB1 F1 League Coordinator: @Jamie183 Date: 15/10/2017 Members Involved: Me Description: I received 2 corner cutting/track extending warning during the race which I feel were unfair to pick up. The first one being myself being pushed off the track by @TheFlyingFinn08 's car...
  4. Sonuc T Saltunc

    XB1 Lap 1 Incident with TRL Limitless

    Platform + League: XB1 F1 League Coordinator: @Ycoms Date: 07/02/17 (Report date), 05/02/17 (Race Date) Members Involved: Myself and @TRL Limitless Description: Got off to a decent start, kept it clean into Turn 1, just about used the inside apex as much as I can to give that extra space...
  5. Sonuc T Saltunc

    XB1 MikeMarshmallow DNF'ing Two Alonso's at Once, RIP

    Platform + League: XB1 F1 (Tier 1) League Coordinator: @Ycoms Date: 31/01/2017 (report written), 29/01/2017 (Race Date) Members Involved: @MikeMarshmallow @Maurizio Description: Nothing too much to say from my end, I was on the right hand side of the track looking to overtake Maurizio, and then...