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  1. Maxxwil

    PC AOR F11 Mexico Incident

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 10/03/2019 Members Involved: @Póki @Hinyaldee Description: I make the pass on the front straight and I feel that poki misses his braking point and the resulting ping pong moments lead to me crashing out of the race due to the...
  2. Maxxwil

    PC 2 penalty removals/ possible incident

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 1/27/2019 Members Involved: myself and @Hinyaldee Description: For the first incident @Hinyaldee and the leader have an incident and I gain quite rapidly on both of them, i felt considering the circumstances he should have let me...
  3. Maxxwil

    PC F11 Incident

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 1/27/2019 Members Involved: myself and @Jayrayan13 Description: Got a good run down the straight and pulled to his inside for turn one. While I understand he had the preferred line for turn 2 I felt like he turned in far to...
  4. Maxxwil

    PC F11 Not leaving enough space

    Platform + League: PC F11 League League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 1/20/2019 Members Involved: Myself and @ITMRacing Description: We had been having some decent battles all race, but for the 2nd week in a row he had some really questionable internet connection. Just as last week it caused...
  5. Maxxwil

    PC Late braking costs me my front wing

    Platform + League: PC/F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 12/9/18 Members Involved: Me and @Viggen Description: He either braked late or missed his breaking point and it cost me my front wing ruining my race. Evidence: Clip from my POV: (Timestamp: 31:25-31:32) Clip from @Kane Jr (Kane...
  6. Maxxwil

    PC F11 Multiple Incidents

    Platform + League: F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 12/02/2018 Members Involved: @iJokeri22 @menk Description: 1st incident with @iJokeri22 he break way to early, leading to a partially broken front wing, losing me time on the first pit stop, 2nd incident with @menk even though i left...
  7. Maxxwil

    PC PC F11: "Corner Cut" leads to unfair time penalty

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 07-10-2018 Members Involved: Myself Description: So I had 3 total incidents all race, two track extends which where 100% acceptable and my fault, but the warning for my corner cut is unfair for several reasons, the most obvious...
  8. Maxxwil

    PC Kane Jr leaving lobby

    Platform + League: PC, F11 Split League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 9/30/2018 Members Involved: @Kane Jr Description: I don't know if he wrecked out or not, but he proceeds to quit the lobby. Evidence: (timestamp is 38:13-38:20)
  9. Maxxwil

    Recommended Wheels?

    Hello everyone, I have found myself loving F1 2017 and I want to raise my level of skill. So two questions: Would a wheel help compared to a controller, and if so what wheels would you recommend to someone who has no knowledge of them (without breaking the bank if possible haha)
  10. Maxxwil

    Questions from an eager newcomer

    Hello everyone. I just recently started gaining interestin F1 2017 and F1 in general and I am striving to learn more and improve and hopefully join a league at some point. My main two questions revolve around setups and assists. 1. For setups: How would I know what to look for in a setup? Its...
  11. Maxxwil


    Hey all, Max here Just recently got hooked on F1, I have been watching so many highlights of races and plan to follow it full time this year. In addition to watching I now try to play online everyday and improve slowly. I have just lowered my traction control to medium and I feel a slight...