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  1. Tipple

    Sonoma - Feature

    Date: 28/06/17 Members Involved: @Tipple @Lorrentz Lap & Corner: Lap 1, final corner Description: Coming towards the final corner Laurens got a great run down my inside and we were side by side heading into the final corner, then into the braking zone and he just turns into me sending me into...
  2. Tipple

    PC GT3 Elite League - Corner cutting

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Elite League - Round 3 - Monaco League Coordinator: @FisiFan91 @AJ @Yorkie065 Date: 20 / 7 / 16 Members Involved: @Perry Grondstra Description: I'm not one to go to the stewards, in fact I've only ever been involved in the split-wide investigations. And I really don't...
  3. Tipple

    PC Car guide & driver statistics

    Hey guys so when me @khaki and @Noztra were creating the car guide we had the idea of putting it into a web format and adding some other features to it, sort of like a database for the AOR GT3 cars, races and drivers. It's a little rough around the edges at the moment, please bear in mind I'm...