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  1. James Clay

    FR3.5 - round 2 sprint race kafuffle

    League: Formula Renault 3.5 Date: 27/09/19 Members Involved: me, @Rin Hato, @Erkka Lindstrom, @The Genius Lap & Corner: lap 6 t3 Description: I was going through turn 3 and got hit in the rear by Sara albeit desync contact but personally (IMO), I feel she still would've hit me. This caused me...
  2. James Clay

    PC F2 - Moving under braking

    Platform + League: PC F2 League Coordinator: @koldo Date: 9/12/18 Members Involved: @koldo Description: Koldo moves under braking and gives me wing damage and ruins my race. Understand that I was far back however, the problem was him moving late in the braking zone. it would have been fine had...
  3. James Clay

    PC F2 rejoing track unsafely

    Platform + League: PC F2 League Coordinator: @koldo Date: 7/8/18 Members Involved: myself and @Mathiasw Description: after having been involved in an incident in t1, mathias is off track and rejoins extremely slowly onto the racing line right infront of me and I was boxed in by a car on my...
  4. James Clay

    Name change

    Please could my name be changed to Apex Thanks in advance
  5. James Clay

    PC F2 130R incident

    Platform + League: PC F2 League Coordinator: @koldo Date: 22/7/18 Members Involved: @James Clay @SMEAJ Description: I've had a pretty terrible race and tbf season so when other drivers come out of the pits behind me, I decided to give some hard but clean racing to prove I have some skill at...