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    PC Season 10 sign ups

    Steam ID - krammadul123 Nationality - Denmark Speedtest - Ping Test -
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    Assetto Corsa - Race of Champions (25th Feb - 27th Feb)

    Gonna join too - Wednesday
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    aor s9 split 1 pc bahrain

    Hey guys. Maybe you shall try to take the pad settings off :D
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    Round 17 - Brazillian Grand Prix

    Thank for this season was fun, but lost my motivation in half the season
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    Round 13 - Japanese Grand Prix

    WEll had a okay race started from 11 did finish 7th, the first lap was a mess and then some laps later i did have a fight with iza like 5-6 laps so i did lost some secs after those fights.
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    Round 12 - Korean Grand Prix

    But suzuka next hope for better luck.
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    Round 12 - Korean Grand Prix

    so 2nd i am retire from a race. Things isn't going in my way. Well i had a good start and some good fights, and then i am pushing and i did catch jack1st but then, down the first straight where i should brake, i lock up. I was thinking that was a mistake from me but no, same place a lap later...
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    Round 11 - Singapore Grand Prix

    Soo singapoo well if i finish this race i am happy
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    Round 10 - Belgian Grand Prix

    Awesome lap time mini and umur! 1.15-16 first time i have seen that lap time, fast one :P
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    Round 10 - Belgian Grand Prix

    Sadly i can't race tonight because i am not home. But i am ready to singapore next week!
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    Round 9 - Hungarian Grand Prix

    cant race tonight
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    Round 9 - Hungarian Grand Prix

    I really hate this track
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    Round 8 - German Grand Prix

    Hungary next... ****
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    Roung 6 - Monaco Grand Prix

    Sry guys for not telling that i couldn't race tonight
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    Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix

    Will upload my pov from lap 1 when im home from job.
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    Official Highlights Submission & Discussion

    Gonna upload my china race tomorrow and maybe Bahrain race too
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    Round 4 - Bahrain Grand Prix

    nvm can race, i'm home
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    Round 4 - Bahrain Grand Prix

    Can't race tonight, I'm not home
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    Round 4 - Bahrain Grand Prix

    Well i hate this track and the curbs on this track is ****'t.
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    Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix well here is my 1st lap, and the audio in gone GREAT! - Well my headset was broken just before the race, so that's the reason why there isn't any sound.