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  1. GILES95

    XB1 AL1 possible desync?

    Platform + League: XBOX Assist League 1 League Coordinator: @Justin || Taz Date: 27/01/19 Members Involved: @huggewarn @ClassicDelta @WOR CHOSEN 16 Description: coming into the last section of ascari I am up on the inside kerb then all of a sudden my car takes a sharp right. Hugge was behind...
  2. GILES95

    XB1 Xbox Assist 3 incident.

    Platform + League: Xbox One Assists League 3 League Coordinator: TruckGameBernie i think Date: 30/09/18 Members Involved: Ben Lowes GT: MisT xFire Description: Coming out of turn 6 Ben was on my inside. I got a poor run out of the corner and I went to the outside to let him through as I was...