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  1. Orange Tiger NL

    Resolved Final username change

    Hi, i would like to change back to Orange Tiger NL, missed that name!!! :'( :P
  2. Orange Tiger NL

    Looking for GMod players!

    Are there people on this forum that plays GMod/Garry's Mod. You have fun modes on it like Prop Hunt, Guess who, hide and seek etc etc.
  3. Orange Tiger NL

    Resolved Name change

    I would like to have my name changed to HRT Verstappen
  4. Orange Tiger NL

    The Nordschleiffe explained

    Yesterday ViperConcept uploaded a video on youtube with some good tips about nordschleiffe. I thought i share it with you guys maybe it can help you out the next round!
  5. Orange Tiger NL

    XB1 Strict rules issues, letter to F1-coordinators ;)

    Good evening, i'm making this thread to point out the strict corner rules issues. I wanna point out i'm not the only one complaining. I'm okay with strict rules, AS LONG AS IT WORKS! My point is this: During round 1 Australia, i never left the track with more then 2 wheels, coordinators are...
  6. Orange Tiger NL

    F1 2015 XB1 patch it coming at........CHRISTMAS!

    This is just unbelievable, 5 months after the release! PC has their patch, they are working on PS4 now, they gonna release that before next week. And then they gonna work at the XB1 patch, hopefully gonna be released before CHRISTMAS! Why does this take so long? A big part of the CM team...
  7. Orange Tiger NL

    XB1 [05/11/15 - 8pm UK] Abu Dhabi GP 50%

    Because after some patches we havent test F1 2015 out anymore. Let's try it again! Race Distance: 50% Qualifying: Short Damage: Full Flags & Penalties: Reduced Weather Conditions: Dynamic Assists: ABS - Banned TC - Banned Auto Gears - Allowed Racing Line - Allowed Braking Assist - Banned Pit...
  8. Orange Tiger NL

    Forza 6 request: AOR logo

    Hi, is someone able to make a white AOR logo on Forza 6? We had it on Forza 4, but unfortunately the guy who made it went to Iracing. We had it in white so we can change the colors to what we need.
  9. Orange Tiger NL

    XB1 Pro League, Sakitto turn 1.

    Platform + League: XB1, Pro League Coordinator: @Devastation Date: 26 August 2015 Members Involved: @Dejaeger22 @The Genius and me. Description: First i thought he made a mistake and missed his braking point. But then i see this replay (thnx to patch 3.0) This replay view is from @Dejaeger22 ...
  10. Orange Tiger NL

    XB1 patch delayed.

    CM has sent last monday the patch for F1 2015 to Microsoft. They tested it and find a big bug on it last friday and sended it back to CM. Unfortunately we have to wait a little longer for this patch. Good thing MS has tested it! Otherwise we maybe couldnt play it at all.
  11. Orange Tiger NL

    Audio cuts out SOLUTION!

    I'm using a controller, so dont know if this is a good thing for wheel users. Every time i did brake, the audio in headset was gone, same as partysounds. Solution: On controller settings change Force Feedback to 0. You can find it below steering deadzone etc. Hope this will help you guys...
  12. Orange Tiger NL

    XB1 14/05/15 - 8PM - GT3 - Hockenheim

    Make sure you add me on XB-Live so i can invite you to the game: GT: Orange Tiger NL ALSO: Prefer everybody in party! Gamechat isn't working, and it's such close racing it's necessary to talk to eachother! Event Details: Date: Thursday 14th May Time: 8.00pm UK time (lobby open 7:45pm)...
  13. Orange Tiger NL

    [Resolved] Youtube contact details

    Hi, i can't get my youtube contact details to work. Please help! I found my username on youtube. Then i paste it into Contact details, but it wont work. I tried to click on some youtube links from other users as well. But every time it said: This channel doesn't exist.
  14. Orange Tiger NL

    Project CARS Best PAD setting

    BEST SETUP!!! This feels amazing! Give it a try! ;) Throttle D: 0% Throttle S: 30% Brake D: 10% Brake S: 15% Controller Filtering Sensitivity: 50% (you should try different values to see what you like best) A higher value means smooter (less twitchy) steering but it can cause input lag...
  15. Orange Tiger NL

    Best idea for F1 2015

    I just came up with the best idea ever! :P At least i would pay extra for the game when this is happening! New job for Jeremy Clarkson: F1 2015 Game Engineer! :D
  16. Orange Tiger NL

    Xbox 360 F5 - 2 massive cornercuts

    Platform + League: Xbox 360 - F5 League Coordinator: @ry the boss Date: 29-03-2015 Members Involved: @XM8 x TrIcKsTeR @Ex Crim Description:Trickster and Ex Crim gaining positions after a massive cornercut at T1 Evidence:
  17. Orange Tiger NL

    Xbox360 - F5 League - GP Japan, Extending and sidepod glitch

    Platform + League: Xbox360 - F5 League League Coordinator: @ry the boss Date: 08-03-2015 Members Involved: @Joshua Suttill Description: After a mayor track extending he decides to divebomb me, going side by side into the chicane in the last LAP! Because of the sidepod glitch i didn't get any...
  18. Orange Tiger NL

    Xbox360- F5 League, GP Japan, Pushing of the track.

    Platform + League: Xbox - F5 League League Coordinator: @ry the boss Date: 08-03-2015 Members Involved: @BlueHuskey Description: As you can see in the video he's steering towards me and almost pushing me of the track. Dangerous driving? Evidence:
  19. Orange Tiger NL

    My youtube channel and FB page.

    Here is my youtube channel: Also here is my FB page, i put video's results and fun stuff there: Please like and subscribe, i will appreciate it ;) I post highlights of AOR F5...