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  1. Callum Teasdale

    XB1 Xbox F3: Divebomb ends my race.

    Platform: xbox Division: F3 Co-ordinator: @Jamie183 Involved: myself and @Kezimodo Description: After a good start I have some trouble in the middle sector getting use to the car, I have Katherine and Kez behind me and while turning for the corner he dives us both and gives me wing damage...
  2. Callum Teasdale

    Resolved Username change

    Can I change my username from ThePsychoNovah to Callum Teasdale if that's okay
  3. Callum Teasdale

    XB1 Some Dubious moves from Frobojobo

    Date: 10th March Track:Mexico Round 19, AOR Xbox F6 Coordinator- @Joshua Germany Involved: myself and @Joseph Baigent I was battling frobojobo after making my first pit stop around lap 11 the battle gets heated into the stadium section after frobo almost loses the back end i go for the move...
  4. Callum Teasdale

    XB1 Xbox F6: Blocked during Quali by driver in AI Mode.

    Platform: Xbox Tier: F6 Round 10 Britain League Coordinator: @Joshua Germany Drivers involved: Myself and @LE Revolution Description: was on a qualifying lap and my teammate LE Revolution was in AI mode going through sector 1. This in turn made me back off as on F1 2018 for some reason AI...
  5. Callum Teasdale

    Resolved Name change

    Request to change my name from CRT to ThePsychoNovah Many thanks
  6. Callum Teasdale

    XB1 Taken out and race ruined

    Platform + League: Xbox F4 League Coordinator: @nemura Date: Sunday 6th May Members Involved: @Iggie smith Description: I was running in 6th after a good start and coming down into turn 7 right hander I was hit off by expertalmond and my race was ruined. Evidence: will post video tomorrow
  7. Callum Teasdale

    XB1 Xbox F4 lap 1 incident

    Platform + League: Xbox F4 League League Coordinator: n/a but I'll tag @BosslyGaming Date: Sunday 15th April Members Involved: @CRT @IS Gohan Description: okay so after getting a clean start I make a few moves. As the group approach the chicane turn 9 gohan goes of track I inferred it was from...