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  1. dengartist

    PS4 A2 nightmare

    @Angel79_79 Going into turn 1 and it’s very clear to see the racing point wants to win the championship right there and then. The rest is painful history, just about ruined half the fields race
  2. dengartist

    PS4 PS4 A1 Turn 1

    Platform + League: PS4 A1 League Coordinator: @RC7_NI @Harinioarg Date: 12.5.19 Members Involved: @ILRT_Matt3r Description: Start of the race and I don’t get a particularly good start and so I have I think it’s @Bag09Bones on the outside of me going into turn 1 and someone coming up on the...
  3. dengartist

    PS4 Penalty removal

    Received this 3 second penalty for avoiding a collision, closed on RC7 much closer than I thought I would and went to pass late on the brakes but wasn’t left much room and so had to go slightly off track to avoid contact. This cost me p7, instead finishing p10. From 1.12.50 @RC7_NI
  4. dengartist

    PS4 RIP Charlie

    Would be a nice touch to see everybody change their crash helmets this week to black in honour of the great man :(
  5. dengartist

    PS4 AOR A2 Italy Adri incident