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  1. Rdasher15

    XB1 Round 21 Abu Dhabi GP Sunday March 24, 2019 [8:00PM EST]

    What a fun season of racing! Even if I only made it to about 2/3 of the races... Very happy with P4 but shocked to only have a single win! Made quite a few oopsies!
  2. Rdasher15

    XB1 Round 18 United States GP Sunday March 3, 2019 [8:00PM EST]

    Oops sorry! I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks. I should make this Sunday’s race though!
  3. Rdasher15

    XB1 Turning around carelessly on racing line

    Would like to say Nemura smashed me off the track and gave me damage and a time penalty
  4. Rdasher15

    XB1 Turning around carelessly on racing line

    Yep I take responsibility for this. Just didn’t check like I should’ve.
  5. Rdasher15

    XB1 tR Dasher Quali block

    Sorry. Doesn’t really matter at this point so I won’t be giving out any excuses
  6. Rdasher15

    XB1 F3 Punted From Behind

    Platform + Tier: XB1 F3 Coordinators: @nemura @AOR Benjamin Date: January 7th, 2019 Members Involved: Myself, @Blackstahill and @T2GIceman Description: Shortly after getting past Iceman, he and Blackstahill were fighting for position down the back straight as I was beginning to form a gap. Then...
  7. Rdasher15

    XB1 F3 Punted then Brake Checked

    Platform + Tier: XB1 F3 Coordinators: @AOR Benjamin @nemura Date: January 6th, 2019 Members Involved: Myself and @Danny Shaw Description: Shaw was closing up on me and tapped me going into the hairpin, which I wasn't really fussed about because it didn't affect me. He was still close going into...
  8. Rdasher15

    XB1 Round 11 - German GP Sunday Jan 6, 2018 [8:00PM EST]

    Should’ve mentioned this earlier sorry. But I won’t be making this race tonight as it’s the first Sunday of the month and that’s when I have my karting thing. Good luck to all.
  9. Rdasher15

    XB1 2 penalty removals

    Tier + platform: XB1 Tier 1 League Coordinators: @Jamie183 @Hayden_430 Date: December 27th, 2018 Members Involved: Myself mainly Description: Going through 200R, I notice yellow flags just up ahead and to my surprise, the three leaders all came together and spun. I took evasive action and it...
  10. Rdasher15

    XB1 XBOX One America F1 - Hit from behind and spun while leading

    You literally told me I was fine when we messaged each other on Xbox after the incident why are you talking like this now?
  11. Rdasher15

    XB1 XBOX One America F1 - Hit from behind and spun while leading

    Um dude it’s way too late to make an enquiry for this. You have to get it in 36 hours after the start of the race at the very latest. They can’t do anything about this now.
  12. Rdasher15

    AOR Classic Christmas Cup 2018 - Sign-Up Thread

    Platform: XB1 GT: tR Dasher Region and tier: Euro F3 and America
  13. Rdasher15

    XB1 Race ruining incident - F3

    here it is. Starts 3:15
  14. Rdasher15

    XB1 F3 Penalty Removal

    League + Platform: XB1 F3 Coordinators @AOR Benjamin and @nemura Date: December 2nd, 2018 Members involved: Myself Description: Barely cut the corner and it gives me a stop go. This should be removed. Evidence:
  15. Rdasher15

    XB1 F3 Causing a Collision

    Platform + League: X1 F3 League Coordinator: @nemura @AOR Benjamin Date: December 2nd, 2018 Members Involved: Myself and @HardlyHarley Description: Going down the back straight on lap 2, Harley taps the back of my car which makes me lose control and we collide. This destroyed my tires and...
  16. Rdasher15

    XB1 Round 8 - French GP Sunday Dec 2 2018 [8:00pm EST]

    Won’t be making this one. Got my karting thing.
  17. Rdasher15

    XB1 F3 Push into back

    Thank you
  18. Rdasher15

    XB1 F3 Push into back

    I’m afraid I may not have time to upload my POV before the stewards must come to a decision. I’ve been very busy lately with work and preparing for Thanksgiving along with practice for this weekend’s race. I do apologize if this turns out to be the case. But I will try to upload later today
  19. Rdasher15

    XB1 F3 Push into back

    Sorry. The website was down last night and I didn’t have time until now to come back.
  20. Rdasher15

    XB1 F3 Push into back

    I’ll send ya my footage later. You were a little all over the place and it was difficult to judge where you’d be.