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  1. MisterJasper

    PC F2 - SevillaM dive bomb T1

    Platform + League: F2 PC League Coordinator: @HaiCo Date: 4 Jan 2020 Members Involved: @Sevilla Moreno Description: I think he missed his braking point... I lost half my wing a few seconds later because @djole74 squeezed @Mo#9991 onto the curb. Evidence: still uploading but will be there in a sec.
  2. MisterJasper

    PC lap 1 incident f12

    Platform + League: PC f12 League Coordinator: @Julio Massa 5522 Date: 10-2-2019 Members Involved: @SnoxE and me Description: As you can see in the recording, I went for the move on SnoxE because he got pushed wide. But when I was almost along side him I touched his wheel, it kinda looks like he...
  3. MisterJasper

    Hey lads

    Hey guys, I am new and am really thankfull I am part of this group (even tough its free to join). But I do wonder how I can apply for the next season of the F1 championships. Thank you in advance.