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  1. Nila

    PC 20 sec´s penalty removal (Radical)

    Platform + League: PC Radical League Coordinator: TPW Date: 15-05-19 Members Involved: Nila Description: Passed a driver who lost tracktion, and to not get cought up in any truble i tuched the grass in my right side, and the got told to go back to the place behind the car i already passed. This...
  2. Nila

    CPU or GPU bottleneck?

    So these are my specs, and im wondering if i should go for a GPU och CPU upgrade first? And yeah, i have dual 980ti witch where a huge thing 3 years ago ;) Corsair RM1000, 1000W PSU ATX 12V V2.4, 80 Plus Gold, Modular, 8x 6+2-pin PCIe, 12x SATA, 11x Molex, 2x FD 1 STK Intel Core i7-5930K...
  3. Nila

    Tripple screens and how to mount them?

    Just wondering what you guys are using? I have 3x29 inch screens and im looking for a cheap stand to mount them to. Hit me whit your best buys!