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  1. ZeroStefan

    PC GT3 Tier 2 Long Beach, missed braking point

    Platform + League: PC Pcars 2 GT3 Season 12 League Coordinator: @Marvin Date: 21-02-2019 Members Involved: @ZeroStefan & @ìn†erœþtør Description: I slowing down on the curve in the 5 round and @ìn†erœþtør slowed down too late and got me and others in trouble Evidence: Video is from his...
  2. ZeroStefan

    PC Participation S10

    Hi, i cant race on Wednesday for the Evaluation Race because my game was very hard on lag. Now I could fix the problem and i can race in p2p lobby 20+ without lag. Do I get a chance to participate in S10??? MfG ZeroStefan
  3. ZeroStefan

    Hello! Here is ZeroStefan :) [GER]

    I am the ZeroStefan from Germany :) I drive in PC2 and hope that I have found a good group here to drive exciting races :D We see uns in the slipstream ^^ I am interested for the GT3 League here (PC)