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    PC GT3 Tier 2 Round 4(11) Penalty removal

    Platform + League: PC GT3 League S10 Tier 2 League Coordinator: @S4Howie @TicklishPicklewickle Date: 29.8.2018 Members Involved: me Description: Cut corner in t1 and got 32s penalty because of overtake that happened during slow down pop up Evidence:
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    PC GT3 TIER 2 R3 - Taken out

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Tier 2 League Coordinator: @S4Howie Date: 4.07.2018 Members Involved: @Gosku @rciq Description: On lap 46 on braking to t1 rciq rear ends me off the track causing huge damage for my car Evidence:
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    PC PC Elite touring cars round 4 race 2 - unsafe rejoin

    Platform + League: PC Elite touring cars round 4 race 2 League Coordinator: @Marvin Date: 13.06.2018 Members Involved: @ScottV @Mr. Van Ommen @Tudesertpac @Gosku @Adalexis Description: Scott has a crash with hunter and goes off track and while rejoining tudesertpac tries to get some space...
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    PC TC Elite Round 3 race 2 penalty removal

    Platform + League: PC Elite touring cars League Coordinator: @Marvin Date: 7.6.2018 Members Involved: @Gosku Description: Dodging john beauregards spin i avoid it running wide on the left side and tuck in after zenny? before next corner and get 32s penalty. As the clip is taken from replay...
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    PC TC Elite Round 2 Oulton Park R1 - Forcing overtakes with contact

    Platform + League: PC Elite Touring cars League Coordinator: @Marvin Date: 30.5.18 Members Involved: @Gosku @VSR Noah Description: Incident 1: At lap 3 of race 1 get pushed coming into corner and get bad exit and noah tries to pull on the side so i take inside to cover and in middle of the...