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  1. Dominik Hofmann

    PS4 10secs removal Spa F1

    Platform + League: PS4 F1 League Coordinator: @alexukr @Casper24-F1 Date: 24.11.2019 Members Involved: @Dominik Hofmann Description: A well known bug where the game gives you instant 10sec penalties in the last chicanes of Spa and also Suzuka for example gave me an overly harsh penalty...
  2. Dominik Hofmann

    PS4 F1 R15: Mah boi Floris

    Platform: PS4 League: F1 League Coordinator: @alexukr @Curly Date: February 3rd 2019 Members involved: @Floriswijers33 and ya salty reserve boi Description: The goat of Esports failed to spot or simply ignored another car flying towards him in qualifying and therefore ruined my lap
  3. Dominik Hofmann

    PS4 F1 PS4 CAN: 2 incidents with same driver

    Platform + League: PS4 F1 League Coordinator: @Curly @alexukr Date: 25/11/2018 Members Involved: @Floriswijers33 Description: 2 passing attempts on laps 28 and 29, where overly aggressive defending resulted in me hitting the wall, once in a straight line, once on the exit of a hairpin...