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  1. MaCRacing13

    rF2 F1 S2 - Monaco Lap 6 Collision

    League: rF2 F1 League Coordinator: @Sam Carpenter Date: 17/11/2018 Members Involved: Keiran Chadwick & myself Description: Lap 6 of the race Chadwick goes for a late move and causes a spin + damage that i carried for the remaining 44 laps of the race. I didn't see this move coming as it was very...
  2. MaCRacing13

    RaceRoom - 20/11/2018 - 8PM - Social Race #1

    CANCELLED!!! RaceRoom - 20/11/2018 - 8PM - Social Race #1 Cars: DTM 2016 Track: Hockenheim Start Time: Qualifying 8PM GMT Qualifying: 10 Minutes Race 1: 20 Minutes Race 2: 20 Minutes For Race 2 the Top 10 will be reversed from Race 1 finishing order. Setups: Open Physics: Get Real Time...
  3. MaCRacing13

    RaceRoom - Social Race - DTM 2016

    So i was thinking of finally getting something going on RaceRoom. Just a one off race for now and you never know what might happen next. Thinking of scheduling for a few weeks away to give plenty of notice. The time for the start of Qualifying will be 8PM GMT (British Time Zone). We need to...
  4. MaCRacing13

    rF2 F1 Round 3 Shanghai - Collision

    League: rF2 F1 League Coordinator: @Sam Carpenter Date: 20th October 2018 Members Involved: Myself & @Mac Shepherd Description: Going into turn 1 i was ahead by a significant distance, Mac lunges up the inside very late and makes contact with my vehicle, spinning me out of 6th position...
  5. MaCRacing13

    PC ACL S5 - Round 4 Putting me into the wall and not waiting

    Platform + League: PC League Coordinator: @Noztra Date: 30th Apr 2018 Members Involved: @Desmond0313 He tries to overtake me around the outside at the final chicane, he takes to much speed and cuts the corner and hits straight into the side of my vehicle pushing me into the wall giving front...
  6. MaCRacing13

    PC ACL S5 - Squeezed off the track on the straight

    Platform + League: AOR ACL RSS Formula 4 Season 5 Round 3 at Salzburgring Race 2 League Coordinator: @Noztra @hinesy32 @Niclas Domino Date: 23/04/2018 Members Involved: @Mr AlcoN #12 Had a good run down the straight on the two cars in front, I went to the left and when I had at least half a car...
  7. MaCRacing13

    Looking for new drivers

    Royal Blue Racing are looking to enter the USF2000 league on Monday evenings, we will need two new drivers for this series. If you are interested send me a message.
  8. MaCRacing13

    Old member returns

    Hello everybody, I'm Matt from London. I used to race here a long time ago in Seasons 1 & 2 on F1 2010. Back then it was on the xbox 360, but these days my racing is on the PC. Not sure where i can find a spot right now, anything F1 2017, rFactor 2, Asseto Corsa, Automobilista i can do. Maybe i...