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  1. blake300892

    TCR R3, Race 3 - DSQ appeal

    League: TCR Season 1 Date: 26.09.19 Members Involved: Myself Lap & Corner: Lap 3, hairpin & Lap 9, 3rd to last corner Description: During the final few corners of the race, I got a hefty 4x whack from behind which pushed me over the incident limit for the league. With that and the hairpin...
  2. blake300892

    PS4 17/01 Monza 8pm GMT

    Lobby Settings: Host: Aero_Blake Qualifying: Short Distance:50% Cars: Equal Weather: Dynamic Safety Car: Off Parc Ferme: Off Damage: Full Corner Cutting: Strict Formation Lap: Off Race Starts: Manual Time of Day: Official AI Driver Level: 85 Cars Taken: 3/20 Mercedes 1. 2. Ferrari 1...
  3. blake300892

    PS4 Poor pit exit crossing the line and causing extra stop

    Platform + League: PS4 F6 League Coordinator: @MORETHANAMAZING Date: 19/11/2017 Members Involved: @Giinis Description: I'll start by saying I don't come here often, and 100%, this is nothing against Giinis and I know it was unintentional....but it still heavily impacted my race. Approaching...
  4. blake300892

    Logitech G29

    I am currently pondering my first wheel and been looking at the G29. Any users willing to provide reviews and advice? Suggestions for £300+ Thrustmasters and the like can be avoided, way out of price range! Thanks in advance!
  5. blake300892

    F1 2017 beta testing

    Right the emails have gone out from CM for F1 2017 beta testing. How many AOR drivers are in? I got one! And on a side note also got an email about being a GT Sport beta tester too. Forget good Friday it's a good Thursday! :happy:
  6. blake300892

    PS4 F3 Baku Lap 1 DNF

    Platform + League: PS4 F3 League Coordinator: @Defiant195 & @YabbaTheHutt Date: 4/12/16 Members Involved: @blake300892 @Wimstradamus Description: Lap 1 going into the left hand kink before the final sector, Wimstadamus lost the car under braking and ploughed me into the barrier, instantly...
  7. blake300892

    Thread on CM forums regarding team meeting and F1 2015 and beyond

    Check the CM forums every few days just to see what the new moans about the game are and the updates on patches, found the below which makes for an interesting read. Team Meeting - Dnote's Notes Hi, Yesterday I met up...
  8. blake300892

    DiRT 3 - PS3

    Found myself bored tonight and decided I'd go back a couple of years and play a game that Codies made that is real fun. The party games online like Outbreak and Cat n Mouse can keep you entertained for hours, with the more competitive Rally Cross and Rally events equally as enjoyable. Anyone...
  9. blake300892

    F3 - Race Start Time Poll

    Not looking great, 8pm could pose a problem for me racing. Have to see what options I have.