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  1. Adalexis

    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Elite - Round 6 - Misano - 26.11.19 @8PM UK Time

    @Chloé sadly i have to pull me off the league. i waited so so long for this, but yes, my new pratice day with the band is officially tuesday now. If u can and can put me in the reserves. Really sorry if i have taken some space of other reserve who could race full season.:(
  2. Adalexis

    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Elite - Round 5 - Monza - 19.11.19 @8PM UK Time

    @Chloé , sadly i can't race tonight and, probably, for the remaining races too. I and my band, with which I pratice every week, we had to change pratice day for work problems, and the only one free day for all is ... Tuesday, obviously.
  3. Adalexis

    ACC GT3 Season 2 - Elite - Round 4 - Brands Hatch - 12.11.19 @8PM UK Time

    High fever and flu here ( as usual ) can't race tonight sadly, i'll see stream from the sofa:sick:
  4. Adalexis

    PC ACC Elite S2 R3 Lap 1 Avoidable big collision

    Yes, my fault, i can't get the replay from the beginning, but as far as i remember, i braked early for safety, then going on gas as usual, but at the same time, u had to basically stop to avoid a car stuck in front. Then i touched u and some other pushed me over in a sandwich. Really sorry for...
  5. Adalexis

    ACC GT3 Season 2 - Elite - Car and Team Registration

    Funny, now Lexus have a new livery option, with the colors of my actual team. So, no need to have custom livery ( WHY LEXUS DON'T HAVE!?!) i switch to new livery, the black/orange/white one
  6. Adalexis

    ACC GT3 Season 2 - Elite - Round 1 - Nürburgring - 22.10.19 @8PM UK Time

    Sadly, audio problems came. At least, i was able to do a decent race, thanks to other cars flying and a almost decent pace, i secured the 8th place. Then audio started to lag, again, at like 20 mins from the end. I didn't want to give up, but was impossible to drive that way. So i made, like, an...
  7. Adalexis

    ACC GT3 Season 2 - Elite - Round 1 - Nürburgring - 22.10.19 @8PM UK Time

    Check check, as in evaluation race, today i praticed offline with ai, same nasty problem, i have audio starting de sync and so lagging after a while, wrote even to ACC forum, let's see. I have this problem from the EA, even on my previous pc. With this problem i can't drive no more if the lag...
  8. Adalexis

    ACC GT3 Season 2 - Elite - Car and Team Registration

    Name: Adalexis Car: Lexus Custom Livery: No, but workin on it In-Game Team: Emil Frey Lexus Racing Entry Number: 114
  9. Adalexis

    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Evaluation Race

    I left the race in the last 5 mins ( was on 45 mins right? ). I had de-sync problems with audio, and sadly is not the first time with ACC, after a while, like mid race, audio started to unsync, more and more, and driving was almost impossible
  10. Adalexis

    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Evaluation Race

    i'll be cruising around in the track, tried briefly and i'm without a proper pace sadly, and even fever on my bones. 2 questions Coords, i see no formation point, and i dunno how will work the starting, i suppose we will go full manual one lap of formation or using game formation?
  11. Adalexis

    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Evaluation Race

    IN! if i need to race, cause i'm on heavy flu.
  12. Adalexis

    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Time Trial Thread

    Gamertag/ID: Adalexis Number of Laps: 8 Hotstint Time: 11:09:903 BEST: 1:23:523 Screenshot(s):
  13. Adalexis

    PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - League Info & Sign Up Thread

    Can you race regularly on Tuesday nights? yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? yes Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? yes Forum ID: Adalexis Steam Player ID: 76561198134941030 Nationality: Italy Car selection: Lexus Speedtest...
  14. Adalexis

    PC ACC Social test race - Monza - 21/05/19

    Really waited this moment! But sadly, i will be away all next week :(
  15. Adalexis

    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC TIER 1 - ROUND 10: Circuit of the Americas GP - 10.04.19 @8PM UK TIME

    Someone already knows this, i have to stop racing online ( and offline too ) due my neck problems ( 3 herniated disks ) I knew using wheel was bad, as after the races, the day after, i was totally wrecked, always using painkillers for sure. My doctor bascially said to stop now. Doing things that...
  16. Adalexis

    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 1 - Main Thread

    Yes @FisiFan91 , smsr started with dedi and after three times trying... switched to p2p. I'm sick of this game too, really. But for the love and respect of this community and all the racers i will race till end of the season, with no joy at all, but i'll race.
  17. Adalexis

    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 1 - Round 7: Zolder - 20.03.19 @8PM UK TIME

    Hello guys, really sorry, my t300 is dead. I picked up my old t150 yesterday, but without any chance to train even a little for tonight i'll better stay out of track. Even if i love Zolder. I have only 1 day for training for SMS-R shootout too, that's crazy sad. Good race all.