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  1. FueledByBrennan

    Resolved Username Change

    Hey, could I have my username changed to FueledByBrennan? Thank you.
  2. FueledByBrennan

    (X360) AOR GRID Autosport Indy Event! 30/8/15 7PM GMT

    Hello, everyone! I'm hoping to host a special event at the legendary Indinapolis Motor Speedway oval! The event will consist of two 10 lap races in the Formula C cars, and a 20 lap event to end with the Formula A cars. The points system used will be the in game one, with the Formula A race...
  3. FueledByBrennan

    Project CARS Update Glitch (XB1)

    Hey everyone, the latest patch/update on XB1 keeps glitching out on me. These same 3 messages keep repeating themselves:
  4. FueledByBrennan

    Forced Retirement Announcement

    Hello everyone. As you can tell, I can no longer race on F1 2014. So, I was just casually sweating on Spa when my game froze. This has happened a few times before, and I have just reset the console. Although, after I reset it this time the xbox wouldn't read disks. I've looked through the Web...
  5. FueledByBrennan

    Incident with NWR Storm

    Race/Lap number: Race 2/Lap 12 (Final Lap) Members involved: NWR Storm & myself. Description: At turn 6, I hold the racing line in the lead and Storm, who was behind me, hits into my left rear side and sends me wide allowing him to take the lead, while I was left defending desperately. He...
  6. FueledByBrennan

    GRID Autosport Incident - Race 2 Lap 5

    At the end of lap 4 I make a mistake coming off the final turn and Da4th_Suspect overtakes me. ACR Raven tries to overtake down the inside at turn 1, I leave the space down the inside but raven hits me off into the gravel on the outside and I lose 3 positions and 5-6 seconds on the guys ahead...
  7. FueledByBrennan

    Help With a Moderate NAT on Xbox 360

    Hey, I know a lot of you guys are annoyed with my connection but I need help with what i have been thinking was the problem the entire time. Seeing as any YouTube videos on the topic are useless,can anyone give me a definite solve?
  8. FueledByBrennan

    X360 - Sunday Night Reserves - USA Grand Prix [16/3/14 9:00 P.M UK Time]

    I'm reviving this one as there hasn't been a reserves race since Korea, and i'm hoping that all goes well in this one! This is for drivers on the league reserve list, and for those wanting to do their required social races to get into the leagues or who have been unfortunate enough to...
  9. FueledByBrennan

    Xbox 360 - [22/2 8:30 PM] 50% Jerez

    Normal AOR Rules Apply (No Abs, No TC) Weather: Dry Parc Ferme: Off Remember to send me a message if you're not on my FL to get an invite! ​ Don't sign up unless you intend to complete the race! 2/16 Red Bull: Red Bull: Ferrari: Ferrari: McLaren: FlameDragon McLaren: Lotus...