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  1. Tomji_

    Motorsport Talk - Slack Channel

    Hi Guys, A bit of a shameful plug, so please remove this if it break the rules (and I won't post again), but I run a Slack workspace called "Motorsport Talk" where we discuss all motorsport series in one place. We've got a nice community of regulars who are spread around the world. Race...
  2. Tomji_

    Brabham BT62

    Got to see the new Brabham BT62 in action at Brands Hatch today at the “Into the Night” event. Sadly it retired just a short way into the race, but it’s an absolute weapon!
  3. Tomji_

    Small Yellow Number under Player's Name

    I feel almost embarassed writing this, as I've played this game and have played online since it was released, but only yesterday I noticed a small yellow number underneath the user's name (which sits on top of the car and shows the position), next to a small yellow triangle. What is this? Thanks...
  4. Tomji_

    Anyone else enjoying Wreckfest?

    I had my first play on Wreckfest (PS4) last night and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! Anyone else got it? Would be interested to hear everyone's thoughts? Perhaps we could get some socials on the go at some point?
  5. Tomji_

    What happened to the weather thread?

    As above - I really liked the weather thread we had last season where we'd know what the weather was for the next race as soon as we had finished the current one. Do we not have this anymore... or am I just blind and can't find it? o_O
  6. Tomji_

    PS4 GT3 - Tier 6 - Round 1 Brands - Contact

    Platform + League: PS4 - GT3 Tier 6 League Coordinator: @EnvoyExtreme Date: 06/02/19 Members Involved: Myself & @Jimski78 Description: I was covering the line for the next corner, jimski gets on the grass and still continues to battle and jigs left a little, sending me into a spin at the...
  7. Tomji_

    Cramp Prevention

    With the winter months arriving in the UK, I've found that I'm suffering cramp on my right foot, which really disrupts my driving. Anyone else have to put up with this? Are there any tips to help prevent it? Many thanks!
  8. Tomji_

    Thrustmaster T150 disconnect

    Has anyone experienced any issues with their Thrustmaster T150 disconnecting randomly? I've had it happen twice in my GT3 league this season when there's been 5 or so laps to go and the steering goes light and the screen says "Controller disconnected". What's annoying, is that I can't reconnect...
  9. Tomji_

    Hello there - I'm back!

    Hello everyone, My name is Tom, based in the UK. I was racing a one or two years back in the Project Cars GT3 leagues on PS4. I have a bit more time on my hands, so I'm back to hopefully give it another go on Project Cars 2 this time round and/or GT Sport. I look forward to seeing you on the...
  10. Tomji_

    Hello Everyone!

    I hope you're all well! My name is Tom, 27 from Sussex in the UK. I'm a Project CARS racer on PS4 and have decided to try and find a group of people of who I can really enjoy racing with. I usually find myself in the public lobbies edging towards GT3, FC and TC1 classes (would love to see a...