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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Sign-ups are OPEN for Season 19 of the AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues on F1 2019!
    They are closing on 29th February, so be quick! Head to the League Forums for more information.

  1. TRL Axeman

    PC Anyone interested in a Richard burns rally league?

    This game thanks to a guy called worker bee has made the most realistic rally physics i've ever seen. And very recently someone created an all in one install/manager which is great for a newbie. Events can be created from the rbr cz website.
  2. TRL Axeman

    Best Engine Sounds (HD Audio)

    love engine sounds so i thought i'd make a video compilation of all my favourite sounding engines
  3. TRL Axeman

    Season 2 car poll

    just want some feedback on cars people might want for season 2(assuming it happens)to give the hosts an idea of what people want. i like the 70s,80s, group b cars best. For season 2 mabey we could have 2 classes like real rally.
  4. TRL Axeman

    XB1 GT3 Elite Snetterton lap 1 incident

    league: XB1 GT3 Elite season3 coordinator: AOR The Genius round 8:snetterton 300 date: 27th jan 2016 members involved: JordanMcGonigal,Fatboy1791, TRL Axeman description: on lap 1 jordan went up the inside at turn 1 and colided with fatboy which then resulted me getting hit off the track and...
  5. TRL Axeman

    Awesome site for full motorsport races

    this site is great as the owner uploads current races from 25 different motorsport series. Free and HD and adverts are cut out of races (e.g le mans). He uploads F1, FE, GP2, Indycar, Moto gp,24hr le mans, wsrbr 3.5 and many more :woot: sign up for free if you want...
  6. TRL Axeman

    AOR XBOX GP2 BRAZIL -lagged car penalty removal

    Platform+League: X360 GP2 Date: 21/09/2014 Members Involved: TRL Karthikeyan ,SCP Meireloso(lagged car) Description: i had lagged cars all race and into the pits SCP lagged car appeared in front of me into the pits and i hit the lagged car and it gave me a stupid penalty. Evidence: Attached Files
  7. TRL Axeman

    XBOX 360 - GP2 silverstone pritt 3x2 incident

    platform: xbox 360 league: gp2 date: 15/06/14 members involved: TRL Karthikeyan and Pritt3x2 description of incident: at the start of s2 for the right hander i went up the inside and i had the line but then he(on the outside) turned in on me spinning my car right round(helped by sidepod...