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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Sign-ups are OPEN for Season 19 of the AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues on F1 2019!
    They are closing on 29th February, so be quick! Head to the League Forums for more information.

  1. VSR_Rotary

    PS4 Any news on the next filler league?

    Hey, usually we have some information on the next filler league before the next season of GT3? Is there going to be a poll for the car category etc?
  2. VSR_Rotary

    Resolved Username change again please

    I know it wasn't too long ago I changed my name but since VSR is changing things up I wanted a new name, from now on my new name is VSR_Rotary
  3. VSR_Rotary

    PS4 AOR PC2 TC League, deliberately taken out

    Platform + League: PS4 Tier 1 Touring Car League League Coordinator: @Michel--NL Date: 28/08/2019 Members Involved: @WelshMsport Description: I think the video says it all. I apologise for the sarcastic review but after the driving witnessed, I don't have many words. I have no idea if this...
  4. VSR_Rotary

    GT3 Season 13 Feedback Thread

    Hello everyone, since a feedback thread wasn't up I decided to set one up myself, to gather everyone's thoughts and opinions on the 13th season of GT3 and what can be changed heading into season 14. I'm going to categorise the areas i feel need improving based on my experiences and this is my...
  5. VSR_Rotary

    PS4 AOR Endurance League Incident

    Platform + League: PS4 AOR Endurance League League Coordinator: @PRG_FrankForest Date: 21/06/19 Members Involved: @jam_my21 Description: So, after making a stop and doing a second stint on the tyres i started the race with i found myself up in second place after jumping three other...
  6. VSR_Rotary

    PS4 Given damage before the formation lap has even started due to opponents lag. Tier 1

    Platform + League: AOR GT3 Elite PS4 League Coordinator: @VSR Davidben Date: 6/03/19 Members Involved: @EPRacing_Sandro Description: Sandro lags and hits the back of my car giving me aero and suspension damage before the flipping formation lap has even started! (Yes I'm mad cause crap like...
  7. VSR_Rotary

    AOR GT3 S12 Interest/Ideas

    Hey guys, if anyone has any ideas for next season of GT3 leave them here! As well as that I'm sure coordinators will open a thread after S11 has finished to discuss improvements next season.
  8. VSR_Rotary

    PS4 GT3 Tier 1 Incident - Round 3

    Platform + League: PS4 GT3 Elite League Coordinator: @AOR Davidben Date: 24/10/18 Members Involved: @Tobias Daytona SRT Description: The video is self-explanatory, i was accused of "ruining" Tobias's race yet if it was race ending wouldn't you have pitted on the same lap? bit much coming from...
  9. VSR_Rotary

    Resolved Name change

    Hey, I need my username changed from 'thomasethan2001' to VSR Thomasethan since i've recently joined VSR.
  10. VSR_Rotary

    What is your ideal GT3 Series? (Friendly Discussion)

    Hi guys! As most are aware we are into the final 2 rounds of GT3 S10. S10 is a strange one from my POV but has still provided some excellent races and challenges even for Elite drivers. S11 is probably in the works, but what is it that YOU think could improve S11 over S10? Leave your thoughts...
  11. VSR_Rotary

    PS4 PS4 GT3 Elite Tier Investigation

    Platform + League: PS4 AOR GT3 Elite League Coordinator: @MattDavies2511 Date: 08/08/2018 Members Involved: @thomasethan2001 @MattDavies2511 Description: First of all I'd like to point out i'm not placing any blame, since this a incident that is near identical to what happened with Vettel and...
  12. VSR_Rotary

    Track selection in Project Cars 2 Leagues (GT3, LMP2 & More)

    Hi everyone, I've recently raced in the LMP2 TEC series and the race was held at Bathurst, not a LMP track by any means and i would like to discuss on how everyones favourite tracks can be included in a series. My idea is keep the league to 10 rounds, that way it's not too short or too long I'm...
  13. VSR_Rotary

    Spirit Of Le Mans DLC

    Here is the trailer for the latest PC2 DLC. Spirit of Le Mans, what are everyone’s thoughts?
  14. VSR_Rotary

    PS4 *Cancelled* PS4 2hrs Of Le Mans (LMP2/GTE) Saturday June 9th

    Hello drivers, I’m sorry to announce that this LMP2/GTE event will not be going ahead as planned, it became apparent to me that not many drivers were particularly interested in signing up or couldn’t because of league races taking place before or around the this event. However in better news I’m...
  15. VSR_Rotary

    Blancpain Endurance Series 3hrs of Monza

    Hi guys Many people here all have their preferred Motorsport class and GT3 is a popular class and the first round of the Blancpain Endurance series is coming soon! I thought it’d be cool make a thread dedicated to the race so myself and other fans can talk about the cars and predictions for the...
  16. VSR_Rotary


    Hello I have an enquiry which both myself and a friend are thinking about, it is linked to my questions yesterday yet we want a bit more information since we are quite keen on taking part in AOR we have spoken and looked at previous seasons and we were quite impressed. We are hoping that if...
  17. VSR_Rotary

    How to start my AOR career?

    Hello I am a new member I joined yesterday and I'm really interested in racing within this community. I currently can't race however since I preparing for GCSE exams and studying to become a motorsport race mechanic. I'm not 100% sure on how to start my career hence why i'm asking, from looking...
  18. VSR_Rotary

    Hello, here is my introduction

    Hello my name is Ethan Graham or thomasethan2001 (PSN Username) I'm 16 and turning 17 soon and I live in the UK, I have a big passion for motorsport and watch multiple different motorsport championships such as Super GT, GT3, Indycar, WEC and IMSA. My favourite categories of racing is GT3 and...