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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Sign-ups are OPEN for Season 19 of the AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues on F1 2019!
    They are closing on 29th February, so be quick! Head to the League Forums for more information.

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    PC Track limits exceeded

    Platform + League: PC Ginetta G40 junior league League Coordinator: @Raigore Date: 9 january Members Involved: @Hetharion Description: As a result of too little training I exceeded the track limits far too many times. I apologize and don't think it's fair to be given any points for this race...
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    Hi all

    Hi all, I'm Martin from the Netherlands, racing under the alias Hetharion. I signed up with AOR after being persuaded by @Brandarous, a fellow taxi driver from my hometown. I don't think of myself as a hardcore race-fanatic, but I've always enjoyed playing around with cars my whole life. In...