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  1. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 Collision with Matt212

    Tier - F1 Co ord/member involved - @EVR Matt212 Description - Got the run on Matt around the outside into the chicane, basically had the move done, left just enough space for us to both get through and I get taken out and upon returning to the track I get damage which all but ruined my race...
  2. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 F1 blocked in qualifying

    Tier - XB1 F1 co-ordinator - @EVR Matt212 Members involved - myself and @Pinecone Description - Entering sector 3 on my quali lap and he just doesn't move off the racing line, meaning I run into the back of him, despite the Force India infront of Pinecone moving out of the way well before I...
  3. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 DSCd driver rejoining causing instability

    Tier - XB1 F1 Co ord - Matt212 Members involved- Matt Description - Disconnected drivers shouldn't rejoin session as per this rule: 4.2.1 ● If you lose connection to the lobby during qualifying or the race, that is tough luck. It is not allowed to rejoin the lobby after the qualifying session...
  4. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 TOR Leopard disgraceful driving

    Tier - XB1 F1 Members involved - @TOR Leopard Co ordinator - @Jamie_183 @Taz Description - Absolutely disgusting to be honest, dive bombs me from god knows how far back and then barges me off the track, this is meant to be the top tier of AOR and this driving tarnishes its reputation, Leopard...
  5. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 Starting race on wrong tyres

    Tier - XB1 F1 Co-ordinator - @Jamie183 Members involved - @Simon2810 Description - Simon qualified in 10th place on SuperSoft tyres in the initial qualifying session, however, when the lobby was restarted for the race, using the grid editor to take the same results from the initial session...
  6. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 Day 1 F1 2017 Social Race 25/08 8PM

    Day 1 race for F1 2017, open to anyone who wishes to take part in S14. Assists - I will leave all assists ON for those who might need them. Lobby settings: Weather - Dynamic Qualifying - short Race distance - 50% AI - Master Time of day - Official 19/20 Mercedes - @AOR BiGGzY96 and @TheIceberg...
  7. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 F2 incident

    Platform + League: XB1 F2 League Coordinator: @Chiraq Date: 09/07 Members Involved: me and @CallumBCFC19 Description: I tried to get a good exit off the chicane but callum hit me and I spun. Evidence: <iframe frameborder=0 webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen...
  8. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 F2 Raikkonen crash

    Platform + League: XB1 F2 League Coordinator: @Chiraq Date: 28/05 Members Involved: me and @VBR Raikkonen Description: I knew he was much quicker than me so I didn't put up much of a fight, I checked to see where he was, left plenty of room to my left and then suddenly find myself being...
  9. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 F2 Penalty removal

    Platform + League: XB1F2 League Coordinator: @Chiraq Date: 23/04 Members Involved: me, @Maurizio and @StubbornGymnast Description: Got a tank slapper off the exit of Turn 2 and as I was in close contact to a number of drivers I tried to save my slide in the safest way possible, I was, on my...
  10. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 GP2 penalty removal

    Platform + League: XB1 GP2 League Coordinator: @The Genius Date: 19/02/16 Members Involved: Me Description: I got a 5 second stop and go penalty for running wide at the penultimate corner. As can be seen by the video i clearly didnt gain any time and as the penalty was served during my first...
  11. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 GP2 taken out by midget

    Platform + League: XB1 GP2 League Coordinator: @The Genius Date: 22/01/17 Members Involved: me, @t3hmightymidg3t and @Jack Carr Riley Description: Going through Blanchimon me on the inside midget on outside he takes me out, I leave plenty of room and once the corner has finished I even turn...
  12. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 GP2 Rapidz F1

    Platform + League: XB1 GP2 League Coordinator: @The Genius Date: 08/01/17 Members Involved: me and @Rapidz F1 Description: I ran wide going up the hill and as I went to try and get the position back Rapidz left me no room on the inside, although I was alongside him. Evidence: <iframe...
  13. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 GP2 incident with hayasa

    League and Platform - XB1 GP2 league co ordinator - @Finch Members involved - me and @RC Hayasa description - On the last lap Hyasa divebombed me out of nowhere, I left plenty of room and we went side by side down the straight, I left more than enough room on the left and suddenly find myself...
  14. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 Incident with Finch

    League and tier - XB1 F1 League co ordinator - @Finch Date - 24/7/16 Members involved - me and @Finch Description - heading to turn 1 I had DRS and slipstream on finch and went to the outside, then cut back to the inside for a better position, I was as far to the right as I could be and he...
  15. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 CRL Rosberg incident

    Platform and tier - F1 Xbox One Co-ordinator - @Finch Date - 3/07/16 Members involved - @CRL Rosberg Description - down the straight towards parabolica Rosberg rear ended me and all but ended my race. I was leading at the point of contact and felt a good result was possible. Evidence...
  16. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 Friday 28/08/15 8PM Italy Monza

    Race distance - 50% Short qualifying Normal AOR rules apply Add TAYLOR the vole on xbox for an invite Mercedes - @iibcfcwalkerzz Ferrari - @ITs paul Red Bull - Williams - @George McLaren - TAYLOR the vole, @Jack Carr Riley Sauber - Toro Rosso - Lotus - Force India - Manor Marussia -
  17. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 Monday 10/8/15 50% 8PM UK time. Vote track

    When selecting your car please vote for the track you wish to race. 2015 cars unless majority would prefer 2014 Short qualifying 50% race distance Dynamic weather Normal AOR rules apply, TC ABS and braking assist all banned. Please could everybody also feedback on the race and lag etc on...
  18. Taylor Reynolds

    XB1 12/07 Australia 8PM 50% race

    Practice - none Qualifying - short qualifying session Race - 50% distance Normal AOR rules apply, TC and braking assist banned Mercedes - jordan Red Bull - the genius Ferrari - Williams - Sauber - TAYLOR the vole, @Jack Carr Riley Lotus - Toro Rosso - McLaren - Force India - djensheid Manor...
  19. Taylor Reynolds

    X360 GP2 Penalty removal

    MEMBERS INVOLVED - TAYLOR the vole, TomChambers92 description - As I exited the pits I crossed the pit exit line ever so slightly and I received a time penalty, Tom was right behind me and should be able to confirm that I barely crossed the line and that I put nobody elses race in danger...
  20. Taylor Reynolds

    X360 (11/11/14 8PM) Malaysia 50%

    TC on for any wheel drivers If you're not on my FL a message is required for your invite to the lobby Drivers: 5/16 spots taken - - -Trickster - - - - - -Footie - -Hedgehog - - Taylor -DC - - - - - - - -