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  1. Lorrentz

    Season 7 and broadcasting

    Hey guys and girl, Been here for 6 seasons in the Formula Renault and joined since the last 3 pro mazda races in season 5...really enjoyed all the racing throughout the seasons but this season since Iracing launched the Ferrari GTE I just lost all motivation for the FR and was more focussed on...
  2. Lorrentz

    Watkins glen - Feature race Ferrari challenge

    Date: 21/6/17 Members Involved: @Lorrentz @Pat Lap & Corner: Lap 8, Turn 5 Description: Coming out of the chicane i turned into the long right hander as soon as i turned in Patrick Heinrich just dropped his car alongside me and smashed me into the wall which was race over for me due too...
  3. Lorrentz

    Standings (also drop weeks included)

    I heard so much fuzz about the standings table...people got confused with the drop weeks...the bonus points....the reduced points for getting too much incidents during the feature race etc etc etc.... So tadaaaaaaaaaaaa I did something to help you out.... EDIT: Google sheets have to...
  4. Lorrentz

    Third season of Broadcasting poll

    Hi Guys and girl :) With the season coming close to the season finale it's time to rethink about the broadcasting stuff for the upcoming season. Personally I still think it's awesome and with the reference on the official Iracing site this season I think we got a lot of newcomers to the series...
  5. Lorrentz

    New AOR endurance team is born: AOR TEAM ORANGE

    Hi Guys, following AOR TEAM RED and AOR TEAM PURPLE a new endurance team is born.....AOR TEAM ORANGE :D with an all dutch line-up. Driver Line-up: @futor - Jarno Heerts @Teemd_nl - Luuk de Rijk @Lorrentz - Laurens de Rijk @Gunar Nijenhuis - Gunar Nijenhuis and @Janick Nijenhuis - Janick...
  6. Lorrentz

    Rule change suggestion for next season

    @Kez @FisiFan91 @McPhilen Hi guys, Just my 2 cents for a rule change for next season. Reverse grid is limited to top 12 or top 15 and not last car on the lead lap anymore... Also for example when top 15 is decided the rule of lead lap still when your 15th and a lap down then top...
  7. Lorrentz

    Donations for broadcast overview

    Hey guys, Just to get a better overview of the donations I thought it was a good idea to post it here.. as it was a bit too much for our so called Genius @The Genius (still love you m8 ;) your snoaring is amazing) :D I made it easier for myself and for you guys to do the maths... please...
  8. Lorrentz

    Oculus Rift..yes or no????

    I'm in doubt wether I should buy an Oculus Rift for the ultimate racing experience....I read a lot of different stories...some people are thrilled and some people are not that excited....the biggest issue is still the blurry graphics in the distance.... since I am that uber rich banker dude I...
  9. Lorrentz

    Motorsport manager

    I am thinking of buying motorsport manager...anyone bought it yet? So is it any good? And is there any mod available so you have real names in the game? Thnx
  10. Lorrentz

    F1 2016 time of day vs laptimes

    hi guys, I saw there is a setting to adjust to time of day so you can race in the morning mid day afternoon sunset etc.. Does it have any effect on the laptime or is it just a visual effect and doesnt it affect the amount of grip on track? Cause i saw you can also adjust this setting in time...
  11. Lorrentz

    Imole lap 1 - turn 1

    Date: 29/07/2016 Members Involved: @Lorrentz @Janick Nijenhuis Lap & Corner: Lap 1 - Turn1 Cods: @FisiFan91 @Kptk92 Description: going towards turn allways everyone braked very hard just being carefull through turn 1....and as i've learned in this league its best to keep position unless...
  12. Lorrentz

    mid ohio lap 4 turn 3

    Date: 22/07/2016 Members Involved: @Lorrentz @lars_jacobsen Lap & Corner: Lap 4 - Turn3 Cods: @FisiFan91 @Kptk92 Description: lars divebombed me into turn 3 he was way behind in the braking zone and decided to divebomb me and hit my right rear which made me spun. lost a lot of time with that...
  13. Lorrentz

    Philip Island - Lap 23 - Penultimate corner

    Date: 24/06/2016 Members Involved: @Lorrentz @heuer91 @Christian Koch Lap & Corner: Lap 23 - Penultimate corner Cods: @FisiFan91 @Kptk92 Description: I was gaining on manuel and christian was following us. so on the long left hander before the right hand hairpin i was on the inside of manuel...
  14. Lorrentz

    Philip Island - Lap 1 - Turn1

    Date: 24/06/2016 Members Involved: @Lorrentz @lars_jacobsen Lap & Corner: Lap 1 - Turn1 Cods: @FisiFan91 @Kptk92 Description: I had a pretty decent run of the line gaining toward lars and i was side by side with him on the outside when entering turn 1. he had enough space on the right side but...
  15. Lorrentz

    Fanatec cs v2 wheelbase + cs v3 pedals experience?

    hi guys, I had some crazy menthal moment today and spend 1400 euro's on a new wheel + pedal set since i've heard good stuff about it...especially the pedals...does anyone of you guys own these pedals and how are your experiences with it? Atm I am racing with a t300 + t3pa pro pedals..i dont...
  16. Lorrentz

    FR 2.0 S1 - Philip Island - Lap 1 incident

    Date: april 1st Members involved: @Bruno Domiter @DavyGeeHD @Janick Nijenhuis @Lorrentz Lap & corner: lap 1 the "hairpin" before the final long lefthander before start/finish Coordinators: @Kptk92 @FisiFan91 Description: @Bruno Domiter was on the outside of @DavyGeeHD and @Janick Nijenhuis was...
  17. Lorrentz

    FR 2.0 First Impressions

    Hi Guys, Anyone who has driven the car yet can you post your comments about the behaviour of the car? I am curious...from what I've heard so far is: Braking is worse than mazda Shifting is worse (7 gearbox) Car is twitchy on the back end Cheers
  18. Lorrentz

    Respect to Iracing drivers

    So my brother @Teemd_nl bought a gaming pc and iracing and invited me to give it a quick spin around laguna seca and this totally changed my vision on simracing....I allways thought yeah Iracing is the best racing sim blah blah promotional bullshit talks...making pcars and other racegames look...
  19. Lorrentz

    Project Cars Crew Chief app...(must have)

    Hi Guys, Last week I landed on @Yorkie065 his vid of the GT3 Nurburgring race and I noticed there was a spotter/pit engineer talking to him...and after a While @Yorkie065 also spoke about it...I thought it was brilliant so I decided to search for it....I landed on the Pcars forum and I saw the...
  20. Lorrentz

    PS4 AOR PS4 GT3 Elite - Results and Standings

    1-lBYs9oSSMXb8d453B64iQxKBONjXtA02EcSE3gqM54 1-lBYs9oSSMXb8d453B64iQxKBONjXtA02EcSE3gqM54 1-lBYs9oSSMXb8d453B64iQxKBONjXtA02EcSE3gqM54 1-lBYs9oSSMXb8d453B64iQxKBONjXtA02EcSE3gqM54 1-lBYs9oSSMXb8d453B64iQxKBONjXtA02EcSE3gqM54 1-lBYs9oSSMXb8d453B64iQxKBONjXtA02EcSE3gqM54...