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    Moved F4 multiple issues with same driver

    Platform + League: PS4 F4 League Coordinator: @Schnixel Date: 22/03/20 Members Involved: @Tom_1er Description: Incident 1: 0:00 Not sure exactly what caused @Tom_1er to go wide but he rejoins the track sideways forcing me to take evasive action Incident 2: 0:18 After a VSC restart I get a good...
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    PS4 AOR S19 PS4 F4 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    Hi lads, I'm Graham. I'm 25 from England. I'm going into my 5th season of AOR and still searching for that first win having been in some tough leagues including F6 last season with some of you here. Let's have some clean fun, well attended races and I hope I can get a win somewhere along the way.
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    PS4 AOR S19 PS4 F4 League - Car And Number Selection Thread

    I see you've put me in the ferrari already for team ninja. I'll take #15 as my race number please
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    PS4 Main AOR F1 2019 Leagues - Main Sign Up Thread - Season 19

    ● Gamertag: Sneaky24-7Ninja ● Nationality: British ● Assists used: None ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Do you accept that if you are fast enough to be placed in one of the top leagues you will have to race with no assists? Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole...
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    PS4 Abu Dhabi Social - 30/01/20 - 8pm UK

    2nd Haas please (hoping not to be taken out by Tom before the end of sector 1 this time)
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    PS4 Brazil 50% Social

    Haas please
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    PS4 16/1/20 USA Social

    I'll take the 2nd Haas please
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    PS4 singapore 50% social 5/12

    Yeah, I thought I'd fight it as hard as I could even though ultimately with the tyre difference you were always going to get me.
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    PS4 Pushed onto grass, and resulting unfair time penalty.

    Platform + League: PS4 F6 League Coordinator: @DON SILVA @HiippariLate Date: 01/12/19 Members Involved: @xAL_Capone26x Description: Going down the main straight @xAL_Capone26x has the run on me, I am not trying to fight the position too hard but remain alongside on the racing line, he decides...
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    PS4 50% Social @ Monza

    Haas please
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    PS4 Thursday 17 & Saturday 19 October British social

    Yeah, sorry I left you to a lonely race there. I was going to pit lap 9 but thought I'd let you undercut me to see how much you'd gain (seeing as it was just a practice race). Then I was pushing incredibly hard trying to see if I could break DRS from you; which considering how similar pace we...
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    PS4 Thursday 17 & Saturday 19 October British social

    Great fun battling with @iJokeri22 and @ELIT3_gam3boy. Spent the entire first stint unable to catch you guys while burning all my ERS. Caught up in the second stint and was slowly recovering energy. Unfortunately my last lap push was cut short with wheelspin from worn tyres combined with hotlap...
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    PS4 Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix - [13/10/19 @8PM UK]

    Q: P14 Wheel disconnect cost me the chance at something mid top ten if I had a decent final sector. R: P8 As seems to be too common for me, just one mistake or incident each race. Still some action to watch along the way and 4 points gained from a poor race by minimising time penalties.
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    PS4 F6 - Coddiehard misses his braking point

    My footage of the incident just in case it's useful.
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    PS4 Austria 50% social race

    I'll take a Haas please