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  1. Dustin

    FR 2.0 - Interlagos - Feature Race - Lap 26 - T4

    Date: 02.02.2018 Members Involved: @SF Schumri Lap & Corner: L26 T4 Description: Unnecessasry contact imo by just giving no room at all on the straight. We even made contact for no reason two laps earlier at the exact same place but were lucky. The track is so wide and the cars so small. A...
  2. Dustin

    FCCAF Virginia

    Date: Members Involved: @Gxbbs Lap & Corner: Lap 4 Description: Gibbons lost it in front of me. I braked as soon as possible but of course there was nothing to avoid it. When I tried to rejoin the track he kept running into me for like 10 seconds until my car was totally done and in the wall...