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  1. Giolele93

    PS4/ XB1 Car Selection Poll Season 3

    Rally excited about this to start. My favourite one is tatuus as I think is the best for see some great battles on track. That downforce is something awesome. I'm a little bit tired about GT3 but I'll handle it in case it will be the choice.
  2. Giolele93

    XB1 AOR AC Season 2 - Round 8 Laguna Seca (10/05/18 - 8pm BST)

    I'm so sorry that I skipped practically more than half of the races in calendar, I had many problems with my job which took time away almost every Thursday and I couldn't know this when I signed up. Anyway I'll sign up for next season and I will try to be there every week. Many compliments to...
  3. Giolele93

    XB1 AOR AC Season 2 - Round 7 Imola (03/05/18 - 8pm BST)

    I am in. Guys can I ask you if you can post or send me some picture of your wheel setup...I mean ffb and stuff like that
  4. Giolele93

    XB1 AOR AC Season 2 - Round 6 Magione (26/04/18 - 8pm BST)

    Tonight I can finally race with you guys. Hope to see some good stuff here
  5. Giolele93

    XB1 AOR AC Season 2 - Round 4 Barcelona (29/03/18 - 8pm BST)

    Guys due to a last minute unexpected I won’t be able to race tonite So sorry about this
  6. Giolele93

    XB1 AOR AC Season 2 - Round 3 Mugello (22/03/18 - 8pm BST)

    Sorry guys it was rage quit after a crash... This season is really tragic for me
  7. Giolele93

    XB1 AOR AC Season 2 - Round 2 Brands Hatch (15/03/18 - 8pm BST)

    I run out of fuel just to laps before the end. Can’ t make this thing works
  8. Giolele93

    XB1 AOR AC Season 2 - Main Thread

    I’m open to any cooperation
  9. Giolele93

    XB1 Tatuus - Track TBA January 18th '18

    Is the lobby open, yet? Can’t see it
  10. Giolele93

    XB1 GT3 - Catalunya January 4th '18

    By having everyone different cars won't we have different performances on track? Or these cars are all the same? I'll go for Lamborghini GT3 then