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  1. Lewis_Tids

    FIFA 16 Pro Clubs

    Are we thinking of having an AOR Pro clubs? I wouldnt mind having one because I prefer this FIFA because of the passing and dribbling aspect. Something someone from FIFA 15 *cough* Mike *cough* might need to work on xD. Hopefully it goes as well as last year in terms of amount of people on it...
  2. Lewis_Tids

    FIFA Ultimate Team Thread

    This thread is for people on all platforms to share their Ultimate team with everyone, whether it be pictures, videos that you have made. The thread can be used to also show everyone players that you have packed over all FIFA ultimate teams. Also, this thread can be used for organizing games on...
  3. Lewis_Tids

    X360 F6 India- Penalty Removal

    Platform: X360 League: F6 Date: 31/08/14 Members Involved: Lewis_Tids + Biifster Description: I was holding off Biifster for about 3 laps and I run slightly wide at turn 1 which allows Biifster to make an overtaking maneuver on the exit of the corner, coming up to turn 3, I go wider than the...
  4. Lewis_Tids

    Battlefield Hardline

    Battlefield Hardline is a new game in the Battlefield franchise that mainly focuses on the war on crime and between the teams "Cops" and "Criminals". This game is similar if not a competitor to the Payday series. A video to give more information including the gamemodes...
  5. Lewis_Tids

    F6 Season 8: Driver Of The Week

    Vote For Your Driver Of The Week In F6 Vote below after each race to the driver who you think did exceptionally well and stood out of all the other drivers in the race. Votes are eligible from after the race finishes until the following Saturday at 7pm. It could be for getting a win, gaining...
  6. Lewis_Tids

    Barclays Premier League Season 2013-14 Award Predictions

    Vote for all of the following in the link below. The Categories are: Manager Of The Season PFA Player Of The Season PFA Young Player Of The Season Team Of The Season Best Goalkeeper Of The Season Best Defenders Of The Season (Multiple Choice) Best Midfielders Of The Season (Multiple Choice)...
  7. Lewis_Tids

    Resolved Closure of a thread please

    Could someone please remove the thread linked below as I accidentally pressed enter when inputting answers and now i can't remove the poll, so its best just to delete the thread. If this could be done as soon as possible, i would most appreciate it as ive got a link to a document with all the...
  8. Lewis_Tids

    X360 [29/03 19:45] King Of AOR

    With Season 7 behind us now, we can have a bit of fun. This will be a last man standing style single night tournament or should i say last driver driving....(attempts at humour) Anyway, there will be no rules. Yes you read right, you are allowed to corner cut. Each race will be 3 laps and run...
  9. Lewis_Tids

    12/03-20:00 GMT (8pm) USA 50%

    Platform: Xbox 360 Normal AOR rules. TC & ABS banned, Line and auto gears allowed. Please don't sign up unless less you intend to complete the race. The weather will be clear. If your not on my FL. Send me a message for an invite. GT: beastietidds 10/16 Red Bull: boarf Red Bull: MJister04...
  10. Lewis_Tids

    Champions League thoughts

    Post your thoughts on the CL finals and share opinions and predictions of which 2 teams you think will get to final and then who will win.
  11. Lewis_Tids

    X360 [15/02 @ 8:30 GMT] Suzuka 50%

    AOR League Rules apply, TC & ABS Banned. Weather Dry & Parc Ferme Off. If you're not on my FL an xbl message is required for an invite. Please don't sign up unless less you intend to complete the race. 1/16 Red Bull- Red Bull- Mclaren- Mclaren- Ferrari- Ferrari- Lotus- Lotus-...