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  1. Bill "Soup" Zahn - GSRC

    A Thought About How Penalties Are Appied

    As a math-type guy I wanted to point out that when a series has dropped races, how Penalties are applied matter. Take the case of Josh Lad being DQed from a feature race for crossing the white line. No feature points means there is a good chance this race will be dropped, meaning the penalty...
  2. Bill "Soup" Zahn - GSRC

    GSRC: Broadcast - Info, Suggestions & Comments - Season 10

    GSRC is always trying to give each series we broadcast the special attention each deserves. After watching our work, if you have any suggestions or comments please let us know, either in this forum thread or by e-mail to Sean and myself. [email protected] [email protected] Also...
  3. Bill "Soup" Zahn - GSRC

    GSRC: Info, Suggestions and Comments

    Hey all, We had one of these threads last season where we allowed the community to give their thoughts about our broadcasts. It worked so well for us, we're gonna continue the trend. So after each broadcast, if you have anything you would like to say to GSRC, please use this thread. GSRC will...
  4. Bill "Soup" Zahn - GSRC

    GSRC Lotus 49 Official iRacing Series

    GSRC is broadcasting the official Lotus 49 series Every Sat. 13:30 GMT It would be great to see some familiar names from the AOR behind the wheel of the Lotus 49
  5. Bill "Soup" Zahn - GSRC

    GSRC to broadcast official L49 & L79 races

    Hey AOR-ers GSRC has just signed on to broadcast the top splits of the official iRacing Series for both the Lotus 49 and Lotus 79. Lotus 79 (broadcast starts) Sundays 16:30 GMT - 12:30 PM eastern Sean "Crackers" Ambrose & Jake Spary in the booth Lotus 49 (broadcast starts) Sundays 21:30...
  6. Bill "Soup" Zahn - GSRC

    GSRC: Suggestion, Criticisms, Comments about the Broadcast

    GSRC: Suggestion, Criticisms, Comments about the Broadcast Racers, Every time I start a new series I like to put this kind of suggestion post in the forum. We at GSRC want to put on the best broadcast our limited broadcast talents will allow. We’d love any suggestions and constructive...