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    DiRT Rally 2.0 interest thread

    AOR Username: Tom Lombaerts Interested leagues (Rally league, RX league or both): Rally
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    rF2 S2 Hungary - Turn 1 Incident

    Hi, Firstly i would like to apolgize for the damage that was done to your race. I was caught off guard when you braked 20 meters earlier than me. By the time i realized this i could only dodge right to try to avoid you. This caused me to lose a bit of control when entering the corner. As for not...
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    Driver Number choice

    Real name: Tom Lombaerts Number preference: 55,77,22
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    rFactor 2 F1 - Season 2 Signup and info

    ● Full Name: Tom Lombaerts ● Gamertag: blauweke ● Nationality: Belgian ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Team Name and Teammate Ser-G eSports / Sergi Heras ● Speedtest result: