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  1. ForceWhan

    XB1 Spun in APAC F1.

    Platform + League: XB1 APAC F1 League Coordinator: @HarryRyan Date: 28/1/18 Members Involved: @FunkGuruD & Myself. Description: I go for a move, leave the room & he leaves me none & cuts across my front & he spins me. Evidence:
  2. ForceWhan

    XB1 APAC F1 Monza - Race Ruining Behaviour.

    Platform + League: XB1 APAC F1 League Coordinator: @HarryRyan Date: 25/1/18 Members Involved: @HarryRyan Description: Harry goes very deep, driving uncontrollably as shown in the video below & gives me wing damage, essentially ruining my race. Evidence: (3.15-3.25) Apologies for the late...
  3. ForceWhan

    XB1 APAC F1 R4 Incident 3.

    My footage corrupted during the race so i was only just able to get this yesterday so thats why this is being put in so late, as you can see by the footage in the video below (3.15-3.25), harry ryan goes very deep & forces me to go across the kurb & gives me wing damage in the process...
  4. ForceWhan

    XB1 APAC F1 Incident 2

    As seen below, 1 of 2 times @HarryRyan19 has cut the chicane to stay ahead. Unfortunatley i don't have footage for the first time when he gains 10+ seconds. But the same thing happens here, no contact & just cuts the chicane & proceeds to not let off & give the time back, as shown on...
  5. ForceWhan

    XB1 APAC R4 T1 Incident.

    As you can see by the clip @Chimchar228 moves under braking & proceeds to push me onto the grass loosing me multiple positions.