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  1. Ghost153

    PC Forced entry. f7. Baku.

    Platform + League: PC F7 League Coordinator: HaiCo Date: 01.09.2019 Members Involved: @Ghost153 MrPeacetyp Description:I think i do not need to explain much. I gave him space but boom! Sorry for the low qual gif. Evidence: PFA @MrPeaceTyp
  2. Ghost153

    PC f8 brazil - icko just spun me out on purpose

    @Icko apparently got a 5 place penalty because of me in quali and in the 7th lap hit me twice on purpose, the first time failing to and the second time just spun me off on purpose . his own pov is evidence but i cant access it for now. however @Jipper @TheVerenzak and most f8 drivers have seen...