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    GTE Round 12 - Road Atlanta

    Regarding the first 2 incidents I should have been more aware and braked a little earlier than I did and accept any rulings against me regarding them the third I do not see myself actually knocking you off the track but from what I can see is you turned into me but let me be clear I did not save...
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    GTE R12 - ignoring blue flags

    I totally agree with your point of blue flags but please also bear in mind that I was also fighting for position at that point and when I got the message I did move and give more than enough space for you to pass. I appreciate the informative post though. I do not want to be a problem in the...
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    AOR iRacing GTE | R11 | COTA

    Sorry for the late notice but I have to go to work for an emergency break down last thing I need on a Monday. My Apologies
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    AOR iRacing GTE | R10 | Suzuka

    Sorry I will not be able to make this race as I do not have the track unfortunately Good luck to everyone I will be watching it though
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    Incident Lap39

    Right looking at the replay has lead me to reconsider that this was not intentional and apologise for saying but I disagree for the rest of your post but I will not stoop down to a level of criticising someone and leave this up to the stewards to decide. Incident lap39 Incident Lap39a Incident...
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    Incident Lap 1

    This was for GTE Sebring
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    Incident Lap39

    This was for GTE Sebring
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    Incident Lap39

    Could the stewards review the attached and make a recommendation as what should be done. From what I could ascertain Scott McCracken intentionally wrecked me and by doing so ended my race. It can be seen I gave more than enough room for him to pass me on the inside which he did but at the last...
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    Incident Lap 1

    Could the stewards please review the footage attached and make a recommendation as what should be done. I was taken by Assane Silla2 on the exit of turn 4 where he crashed into me what seemed to me like he did not know I was there.
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    AOR iRacing GTE League Season 7 - Sign Up Info [sign-ups closed]

    @Stevie Sorry to inform you only now but I am attending a fundraiser evening for our softball club tomorrow evening and will not be able to attend the Road America Race. A weeks worth of practice down the drain. I am still possibly going to make the race but maybe will not be able to quali or...
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    AOR iRacing GTE League Season 7 - Sign Up Info [sign-ups closed]

    Thank you @Stevie will be there Mondays
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    AOR iRacing GTE | R1 | Spa-Francorchamps

    Hi Stevie Not sure what you mean by joining the league, apologies for my stupid question/s. Where do I need to sign up to the league? Are you talking about the discord server?
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    AOR iRacing GTE League Season 7 - Sign Up Info [sign-ups closed]

    Username - AlexOki iRacing Name - Alex du Plessis Nationality - South African Car choice - BMW M8 Team name - Geodesic Racing Car Number - #11 Customer ID - 252658 iRating - 1384 Safety Rating - A 3.67