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    PC Round 9 - Austrian Grand Prix [09/12/2018 08:00PM]

    I'm sorry, I'm going to work, I can not take part in the race.
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    PC Round 8 - French Grand Prix [02/12/2018 08:00PM]

    I can not compete. We have to go to a family guest. I will not be able to come home to start the race. Sorry.
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    PC Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix [25/11/2018 08:00PM]

    I'm sorry, but I'll work. I will not be able to come home to start the race, it looks like.
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    PC AOR F7 Incident

    Did you announce yourself? Maybe if you do not come to me from the back, do not I hit the wall? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: In 19 seconds, suddenly pull my car to the left, why? Because you pushed...
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    PC Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix [18/11/2018 08:00PM]

    I saved 10 points for you. You're coming with at least one beer. ;)
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    PC Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix [18/11/2018 08:00PM]

    Thank you Dobby, it was beautiful! After the first turn you knock out. I will not tell the stewards, but I hope you will be sleepless nights. ;)
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    PC Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [11/11/2018 08:00PM]

    I can not take part in the race because of illness.
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    PC AOR PC F7 League - Main Thread

    I'm sorry. We lost an honest and good racer!
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    PC F7 - incident during SC

    It was interesting to see that the competitors were stuck. :) I'm sorry I was in your way. I hope they punish me well. It was my fault!
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    PC F7 - Leaving lobby while race is ongoing

    In my qualifying session @Erzkbl9 was deliberately knocked out. The system punished me, I had to go back five places. He ruined my quick circle. I did not announce him! When the safety car was on the track, @Erzkbl9 deliberately braked to cause an accident. But I managed to avoid it. I did...
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    PC F7 Blocked in Qualifying

    You've ruined my qualifying and you're outraged. It's good that this case was not in reality. Very realistic, yes ... Here's the evidence, in the game you can do everything. I do not want to say more about this.
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    PC F7 Divebomb

    I was in front of you, I was in position. Force India pushed back, my direction was clear. You were the cause of the accident.
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    PC PC F7 quali lap ruined

    I'm sorry what happened to you. About the case:
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    PC F7 Blocked in Qualifying

    You're crazy? You came to me and hit me! I had to go back with 5 seats, the system gave me a penalty, unlawfully. That is why I had to start the race from the last place. You've ruined my quick circle. Everything on the video is visible. You did not want to turn around, but you wanted to crash...
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    PC F7 Divebomb

    The first moment is my fault. I take the responsibility for it! @Sabba7h knocked me out. There was no desynchronization problem. After that, he even threw me into the wall. I'm also a victim. It was not my fault. @Sabba7h caused our loss!
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    PC Driver of the day award!

    I vote for @Sailenc . He has improved many positions. I did not see his race, what happened.
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    PC Round 3 - China Grand Prix [17/10/2018 08:00PM]

    and in the third corners...
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    PC F7 incident with siposbence95

    I do not know, but I got a nice blow. You turned to me like I was not there either. Bahrain is not wide enough for you. :)
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    PC F7 incident with siposbence95

    But you saw that I was there, you pulled the steering wheel ... and my first wing was damaged.
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    PC F7 Incident with Diesel-iwnl-

    Platform + League: F7 PC League Coordinator: @Borderline Date:07-10-2018 Members Involved: @Rendo84 (Me) and @Diesel-iwnl- Description: The braking distance was not well received, there was no tracking distance and I had a collision with me without control. He's been knocked out with great...