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  • All leagues are cancelled until Xmas Day - check out the Announcements section for more details.

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    PS4 A1 Main Thread

    PSN ID: JGfan2496 ● Nationality: American ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Assists used: ABS and Medium TC ● Did you complete Season 12 in a non-Rookie or non-Reserve tier? No ● Do you want to sign up for the Assist League (TC/ABS allowed)? Yes ● Speedtest result: Ping 114ms...
  2. J

    PS4 A1 Main Thread

    My download speed is 3.9 Mbps. My Upload speed is 130.1 kbps. Its usually faster then it it is right now.
  3. J

    PS4 A1 Main Thread

    Is it still possible to sign up?
  4. J

    AOR - NASCAR League - Car Selection - Season 1

    #2 Ford with the #43 Smithfield Livery
  5. J

    AOR - NASCAR League - Sign-up Thread - Season 1

    Can you race regularly on Sundays? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? [Yes Gamer tag: Jgfan2496 Nationality: USA Preferred Assists: ABS