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    PC F3 Retiring on track caused safety car

    Platform + League: PC F3 League Coordinator: @Haydn @Thompson Date: 20.1.2019 Members Involved: @Marien Description: @Marien retired on track which caused safety car. You can see on the clip that pink circle on back of the field slows down and retires at turn1. Evidence:
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    PC F3 incident

    Platform + League: F3 PC League Coordinator: @Haydn @Thompson Date:9.12.2018 Members Involved: @LASSE @MartinG1337 Description: Martin came to t3 with no brakes at all and smashed me and corni outside of the track, after that i got tangled to martins car then i hit sauber's front left tire and...
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    PC PC F4 incident

    Platform + League: PC F4 League Coordinator: @Ely97 @Hooper Date:4.11.2018 Members Involved: @LASSE @Johan Engberg Description: I left space for inside line and i got squeezed against the wall and that causes dnf :(