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  1. GetOwned

    PC F3 PC Monaco - Lap 1 incident

    Platform + League: PC F3 League Coordinator: @Hooper Date: 15/09/2019 Members Involved: @GetOwned @Hooper Description: Well, 3 cars into turn 1 in Monaco can't work. Hooper pushed me into the wall causing me front wing damage. Evidence:
  2. GetOwned

    PC F3 PC Spain - Lap 6 Incident

    Platform + League: PC F3 League Coordinator: @Hooper Date: 08/09/2019 Members Involved: @GetOwned @RyzaN Description: I already started turning in and he still tried to go down the inside by braking later. He wasn't even side by side nor was his front wing next to my rear. In the mirrors you...
  3. GetOwned

    PC F3 PC China- Unfair 5sec stop and go removal

    League Coordinator: @Hooper Date: 25.08.2019 Members Involved: none Description: unfair 5 stop and go - got pushed off track / gained no advantage Evidence: