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  1. TheSevillista

    PS3 Germany - Lap 16 incident

    Platform + League: PS3 F1 2013 S11 League League Coordinator: @pepper_F1 @Philip_66 @James Thorpe Date: 15/05/16 Members Involved: Myself and @Brown Description: he hit me 1 turn The incident is in minute 12:50
  2. TheSevillista

    REQUEST F1 2014

    Hi! I'm TheSevillista, I keep the AOR League season 7 with its broadcasts of F1 2013 Xbox 360. I've seen the return to F1 2013, but why not go back also with F1 2014? If you are interested in also return in F1 2014, would appreciate it if you put a comment like this: "I ask AOR League return to...