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  1. Microlander

    PC 50% Italy - Tuesday @ 20:00pm UK Time

    Steam: Microlander Team: Renault
  2. Microlander

    PC Formula 3 League for Assetto Corsa on PC

    I'd be interested in Either this (Loved it a few seasons back) or the V10 ;) (depends on the time though)
  3. Microlander

    PC ACL Socials are BACK!!!!!!

    Ping was a bit higher than normal and rubberbanding was a factor too. which is a major factor for these cars with the speeds were traveling at.
  4. Microlander

    PC ACL Socials are BACK!!!!!!

    On the bright side these car were really fun to drive around RA and often felt like the car did more of its rotating with the rear. weirdly i found the problem i had went away when i reached 90fps but it was impossible to hold 45fps in this race let alone 90...
  5. Microlander

    PC ACL Socials are BACK!!!!!!

    Had some awful rubberbanding and my VR in game just has some awful frame ghosting which are bareable but the constant lag spikes are killing it for me. Maybe ive got to used to a 144hz monitor that VR just feels awful with asw on at 45 fps (makes it feel like 90) yet i turn asw off and it feels...
  6. Microlander

    PC Erti's Wednesday Night Social - Singapore 50% [19/09 @ 8.10PM UK]

    I'll join if any spaces, been driving on AC recently alot recently so im probably gonna be driving like Bambi
  7. Microlander

    AOR PC Assetto Corsa League - Season 6 Update / ACC Season 1

    Wow! Happy to see that S6 will be a thing :) I would have to get some practice back on AC though as F1 2018 and (2D screen :cautious:) Has taken over all my racing at the minute. I remember driving the 2018 indy car and its a really nice car to drive, works with you and not against you. The F2...
  8. Microlander

    PC Erti's Wednesday Night Social - Silverstone 50% [29/08 @ 8pm UK]

    Any good setup i should know about?, Only just about to start a bit of practice
  9. Microlander

    PC Erti's Wednesday Night Social - Silverstone 50% [29/08 @ 8pm UK]

    I'll take the redbull then, if thats not available, just pick any
  10. Microlander

    PC Social Race @ Austria [30/8 - 8pm UK time]

    Red bull please (y) Praying for the game not to crash this time
  11. Microlander

    PC Social Race @ Germany [26/8 - 8pm UK time]

    I'll join if im not needed in the other lobby :)
  12. Microlander


    I'll join as reserve or take a free space if there's any, really keen for this if there is!
  13. Microlander

    Assetto Corsa: Competizione

    Some pre alpha footage was released on the assetto corsa YT channel and wow the graphics at night time is amazing, honestly amazing! I know graphics aren't everything but the way it looks really does give it that extra immersion
  14. Microlander

    PC AOR ACL RSS Formula 4 - Round 10 - 18/6-2018

    A Late little review but firstly a mega thank you to @Noztra and the rest of the team running this season, it was a tough one and had its problems etc but you fought through it! Great job once again to @Niclas Domino for creating and helping out with lots of skins for other teams and also the...
  15. Microlander

    PC AOR ACL RSS Formula 4 - Driver Awards

    Fastest Driver - @Sisuvoima10 Best Qualifier - @Echo_ Most Consistent Driver - @FisiFan91 Fairest Driver - @SilverArrow3 I remember at hungaroring we had such a hard fought battle but some how kept it clean! Best Overtaker - *Who was the bravest??* Best Defender - @Terence Grech &...
  16. Microlander

    PC AOR ACL RSS Formula 4 - Round 10 - 18/6-2018

    Sadly wont be able to make it due to having awful nausea
  17. Microlander

    Need help with getting into PC2

    Ah perfect! this covers all my questions :) When i get home ill look into all of this, Thanks alot!