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    PS4 Ps4 - F3 - unfair pens under SC

    Platform + League: PS4 F3 League Coordinator: @99Pipmatt Date: 17-11-2019 Members Involved: myself Description: 2 unfair 5s penalties awarded because of an AI car. @Yoan Simracing might have been affected as well Evidence:
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    PS4 PS4 F3 R7 - late move causes wing damage

    Platform + league : PS4 F3 League coordinators : @Curly @ELIT3_gam3boy Date : 5/26/2019 Members involved : @MGP_HUERTA29 @R70_SUPERMARIO Description : I was on the alternate strategy and had a good run on 3 cars in front of me, i saw a gap open up on the left and went for it as huerta had...
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    PS4 PS4 F3 R5 - T1 Incident

    Platform + league : PS4 F3 League coordinator : @Curly + @ELIT3_gam3boy Date : 12/5/2019 Members involved : @CookieGames14 @VanQuish Description : This was either @CookieGames14 or @VanQuish didn't see which of you, but one of you spun me which led to @CookieGames14 hitting me and damaging my...
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    PS4 PS4 F3 R5 - AlexMusica dirty driving

    Platform + league : PS4 F3 League coordinator : @Curly + @ELIT3_gam3boy Date : 12/5/2019 Members involved : @Alex Shield Description : Let me start off by saying that @Alex Shield didn't know until the start of the race which track we were racing at, which means he's done NO practise AT ALL. I...
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    PS4 Ridiculous braking - F6

    PS4 + F6 League coordinator: @DON SILVA @Bankai_Bullett Date : 12/9/2018 Members involved : @InFinityzzHD Description : At first this seems like it is my fault but let me explain. After being overtaken by @InFinityzzHD, i continued my race as normal. But after a few corners, i already noticed...
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    PS4 F6 - Time penalty removal - China

    Platform + League: PS4, F6 League Coordinator: @DON SILVA @Bankai_Bullett Date: 14/10/2018 Description: I know that exceeding track limits usually don't get taken away, but this game is just so inconsistent with track limits. I'm posting 2 clips to compare. I just took the corner normally and...