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  1. Prikshaans

    PC Looking for Teammate/Practice mate [S7_GT3]

    Hey. I know, thread about Teams and stuff will be putted out after drivers placement. But I want to start getting ready, since I haven't driven that much in last 6 months. I`m looking for someone who would want me as teammate, or practice mate for S7 GT3 PC League. And if there is someone out...
  2. Prikshaans

    Logitech Gaming Software dosent launch

    Hi. I have problem with my Logitech Gaming Software, program just dosent launch. I tried re-install, didnt work either. I have Windows 10, maybe 3 months fresh installation. I have license antivirus. Program worked 3 days ago. Since then I havent done anything different on my PC as usual...
  3. Prikshaans


    Hello. I just joined AOR! 1st time I heard about AOR was from xOwnage 3 years ago. Since then I always respected this league and quality of organization. All this time I didnt join AOR because I didnt have good enough PC, proper game and friend with who to join together. Now I have all of...