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  1. Griff1894

    Thrustmaster T300rs issues

    hi guys. Has anyone had this issue with the t300 and if so is it jiggered or is there a fix? I'm awaiting a reply from thrustmaster as it's still under warranty. Basically I'm on PS4 and when I start up the wheel doesn't calibrate properly it just keeps on turning right quite brutally...
  2. Griff1894

    PS4 Nordschleife Mk1 Ford Escort Rally Friday 12th

    As mentioned my prep for each circuit is to have a run out in the mk1 escort to learn the track and line as I doubt she gets used very often but she's great fun to drive. I'll be doing this regardless so do not feel pressured into joining but if you'd like to join me at 7.30 BST tag me with...
  3. Griff1894


    Hi everyone. I'm sure someone can help me here. The pedals suck for the thrustmaster t300. Which other pedals are good that are compatible? I can live with the accelerator but the brake pedal needs some kind of progression or resistance and that's what I'm after. I've seen a couple of mods...
  4. Griff1894

    Corvette, mclaren or Z4 gt3?

    I'm just about to enter my first gt3 league and have narrowed my car choice down to 3. Any opinions or advice would be much appreciated! The above 3 seem to suit me but I like most of the gt3 selection!
  5. Griff1894

    Next PS4 league starting?

    Hi everyone. I am looking to join a PS4 league and wondered where you were up to with current leagues and when new ones were due to start. I spoke to fisi a couple of weeks ago but think I'm too late now for the leagues he suggested